Mariah Kunkel

Hi.  Welcome.  My name is Mariah and Quite Continental is a lifestyle blog where I indulge my various interests in travel, fashion, art, design, culture and etc.  Mostly etc.  Professionally, I am the Brand Manager for a New York City-based womenswear collection called Harvey Faircloth, but this is a place for my own opinions.

My personal style is classic.  My guiding principle is timelessness, but I also have a deep appreciation for the constant evolution of fashion.  That said, I generally dress a bit boyish and am rather influenced by my West Coast roots.  I suppose I’m a clotheshorse of a different color.

Somehow, I am nostalgic for eras I’ve never known.  I adore classic films, fashion and music that hearkens to the past.  I wish I could have shared a gin gimlet with my grandmother when she looked like this:

Quite a looker, no?

I was born near San Francisco, was raised in Los Angeles and currently reside in New York City.  I love collecting new stamps in my passport and wouldn’t mind if my estate contained a full set of monogrammed Louis Vuitton luggage as well-worn as Katharine Hepburn’s.

Thank you for stopping by.

All best,
Mariah Kunkel

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?
Reach me via email at contact@quitecontinental.net

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Features & Press
Gilt MANual: Street Style
Refinery29: I Love My…
Rugby Ralph Lauren Style Blog
Details: The Daily Details
Flavorwire: Guest Editor
Racked NY: Shopping Confidential
Lookbooks.com: Interview 
StyleLikeU: Addictions
Svpply: Featured Member

The Nylite Project: DIY

Tomboy Style: Q&A

Two Inch Cuffs: Meet Mariah

Work as a Stylist:
Wolverine 1000 Mile Collection by Samantha Pleet | FW 2012
Two Inch Cuffs: Heritage Isle | Fall 2011

§ 15 Responses to About

  • coop says:

    Love the blog. Thanks for checking mine out yesterday. Good stuff on here. Adding it to my google reader.

  • Melva Opoka says:

    Just wanted to give you a shout from the valley of the sun, great information. Much appreciated.

  • Hi Mariah

    Saw your blog on the web, Im Anette from the Mannor house in Fyn
    Denmark. <Thank you for point of view,I hope to show you the house
    live some day.
    Best regards Anette
    Gelskov <Gods

    • Mariah says:

      Hello Anette,

      Thank you so much for stopping by! Your home is beautiful. I definitely hope to someday see Gelskov Gods in person someday!


  • Ryan says:

    Ran across your interview on styleslikeu on neckties and thought it was absolutely lovely. Such a wonderful look done very well. Best of wishes. RJ

  • I Just found your blog the other day and it is amazing. After reading your about page I wanted to say that you have expressed these sentiments wonderfully in your blog.

    I also love old Life magazines. I wish I could afford to buy them in bulk. I recently posted some pictures of the Buckleys from their “American Family” features. Again, great blog. I am looking forward to reading through it all.

  • I feel the same way. My role model is a combo of Myrna Loy and Mame.

  • dian tjahaju says:

    hello from indonesia.
    i found your blogs yesterday and i love what your charm school idea. i was thinking that i would refer it to make a check-list-project from your day 1 to day 28 (or 29) advise.
    thanks for inspiring me.

  • I feel as if it’s quite silly that I’m just now digging into your blog. I’ve been admiring you via Instagram for so long. You now have a permanent link on my blog – I think you’re the cat’s pajamas! I’m also a hopeless nostalgist so I fear I may lose my weekend strolling through your archives.


  • Mariah, Yours is one of the most charming, interesting blog concepts I have ever seen, and I applaud your panache. Thank you for turning my day around … so looking forward to more. All the best, Terri

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