DIY: Organic Shower Scrub

12/01/2014 § 3 Comments

QC DIY: Organic Shower Scrub

This Christmas, instead of simply handling all of my shopping online as I am usually wont to do, I decided to put my paws to work and create as many homemade gifts as I could.  This included an organic raw sugar and virgin coconut oil shower scrub, which is a relatively quick and easy beauty remedy for dry skin — no mean feat in the winter, but truly makes a great gift all year-round.  While the scrub itself doesn’t take much effort, I especially enjoyed working on the packaging.  My East Coast recipients received pretty blue Heritage Collection Ball Jars topped with brown craft paper, green twine, manila packing tags and a spring of evergreen.  My West Coasters received rubber gasket jars topped with ribbon and smudge sticks from Juniper Ridge.

Ingredients (all organic if possible): raw sugar, virgin coconut oil, argan oil, essential oils (optional)

Combine two parts sugar to one part coconut oil in a large bowl.  Add a tablespoon of argan oil and mix well.  If you want to add fragrance — I honestly like it without, and prefer the natural coconut/sugar scent, but to each her own — essential oils are most effective, but you can also try natural ingredients like vanilla extract, lemon zest, fresh mint.  Pop the mix into a jar and you’re all done!  Easy!

QC DIY: Organic Shower Scrub

On Evolutions and Dead Sharks

11/01/2014 § 1 Comment

“Have you discontinued your blog?”

Here we are, 2014.  I started this blog in July of 2010 without any real idea why I was doing it and what I wanted to write about.  Fast forward 3.5 years later, and I find myself in a completely different place personally, professionally and I wholeheartedly admit that I didn’t tend this blog in 2013 as well as I did in the past.  I can proffer plenty of explanations: I’m much more visually focused these days and spend the lion’s share of my time on Instagram and Tumblr; with all the transitions I’ve experienced in the last 12 months I’ve felt less inclined to talk as much and have had markedly less time to search the internets for cool stuff to share with you; I haven’t been using my camera quite as much; blah blah blah BLAH.

What it comes down to, and what I hope you will understand, is that my desire for expression and my focus, continue to evolve.  I very much appreciate those of you who have noticed my increased silence and sporadic posting, and also those of you who have said something.  I’m still here, I assure you.  I really admire those of my blogging cohort who just keep cranking it out — their drive is a constant inspiration to me.

So what now?

For 2014, I’m resolving to try my best, guys.  I’m taking to heart a quote from one of my favorite movies, Annie Hall: “A relationship, I think, is like a shark. It has to constantly move forward or it dies. I think what we’ve got on our hands is a dead shark.”  The shark has stopped moving lately, and I’m prepared to change that.  And it was comments and emails like the one at the top of this post that snapped me out of this slumber, so I want to thank ya’ll for that.  It was nice to know you missed me.  I missed you too.

Onward and upward!
M. xx

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Reading List (& Giveaway!) || It by Alexa Chung

02/12/2013 § 23 Comments

Alexa Chung giveaway on QC

Over the long weekend I had the good fortune to curl up with Alexa Chung’s new book It, courtesy of Penguin Books.  Part memoir, part photo book, part how-to style manual, and completely hilarious, it was the perfect companion for a leisurely few blustery days that were best spent inside.  Written in a uniquely conversational tone — borderline stream of consciousness at times — it almost feels like Alexa’s sitting right there with you, having a chat.  I loved it, having long been a fan of Alexa’s personal style (which I will leave you to peruse on Pinterest or Tumblr on your own time — a definite rabbit hole if there ever was one), and I definitely recommend giving “It” a whirl.

Now, for the exciting part!  Thanks to the generous folks at Penguin, I’ve got a copy of Alexa’s book to give away, which you can enter to win by leaving a comment below!  Enter by noon on next Monday, December 9th, and I’ll randomly draw a winner from the entries.  Please note: this drawing is open to US residents only.

Good Luck!!

QC***UPDATE*** Leslie, you’ve won!  Please send me your mailing address at and your copy will be right on its way to you!  Congrats! xx

In Memoriam, Inspired: November

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Nov17 Nov2 Nov3 Nov4 Nov21 Nov5 Nov25 Nov24 Nov6 Nov12 Nov16 Nov27 Nov7 Nov8 Nov1 Nov11 Nov13 Nov20 Nov18 Nov14 Nov19 Nov10 117237799.jpg Nov22 Nov26 Nov28Some of my favorite images from my Tumblr during the month of November.

Real Property Lust || Old Hollywood Heaven

12/11/2013 § 1 Comment

Have you ever seen a room so perfectly you that you instantly wanted to wrap yourself up in it and wear it every day of your life?  I have — namely, when I gazed upon this gorgeous library, from the Hollywood home of Eric Hyman and Max Mutchnick.

19th century oil painting of a jockey and horse
Pacific Connections rosewood square serving tray
Louis Vuitton shoe trunk
Cowhide Queen Anne chairs
Campaign desk

Receiving an honorable mention is the master bath, with its glass tiled floors, vintage English club chair and brass clock that once hung in an Associated Press newsroom.

Be sure to wander through the rest of the home on Elle Decor.

Words || Kick Ass

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WORDS || Angelou

“I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels.
Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to go out and kick ass.”
Dr. Maya Angelou, born 1928

Getting a hold of those lapels as we speak.  Join me?

Image via Oh, Pioneer!

QC Mix VI: Wild Horses

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QC Mix VI: Wild HorsesWild horse roundup on Core Island, NC, 1946.

Now, just wait a cotton-picking minute.  Are you trying to tell me it’s almost been a full year since I’ve shared a playlist with you guys…and that one was CHRISTMAS MUSIC?  Horrendous.  Well, not the playlist — no one hates Christmas music! — but maaaaan do I need to get my act together.

Presenting QC Mix VI: Wild Horses — a few songs I’ve had in heavy rotation ever since fall kicked off, a season that always has a bit of contemplative melancholy about the edges.  Perhaps it’s nature’s spectacular descent into winter.  Perhaps it’s the back-to-school feeling you never really outgrow.  Whatever the case, fall has always felt like a time to ponder both endings and beginnings, which might explain the tone of this playlist.  It’s the kind of music I want to listen to on long walks or quiet evenings.  It meanders from singer-songwriter territory to rock to synth to jazz — and I hope you enjoy it.

Of special note is the appearance of my amazingly talented cousin, Ben Carroll, in this mix.  He’s just released his latest album, “Lighting Bonfires,” which was funded by a campaign on Kickstarter and is available for free download on his website.  Hop over!

It’s All In The Details || Altuzarra Spring Summer 2014

02/11/2013 § 1 Comment

Altuzarra SS 2014 Altuzarra SS 2014 Altuzarra SS 2014 Altuzarra SS 2014 Altuzarra SS 2014 Altuzarra SS 2014 Altuzarra SS 2014 Altuzarra SS 2014 Altuzarra SS 2014 Altuzarra SS 2014 Altuzarra SS 2014 Altuzarra SS 2014 Altuzarra SS 2014 Altuzarra SS 2014 Altuzarra SS 2014 Altuzarra SS 2014

Altuzarra SS14.  Sublime.  SUBLIME.

Yearning to just barely wrap myself in tailored metallics, jersey and silk.

All images via

Style Roulette || Flying Tiger

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Style RouletteStyle Roulette || Flying Tiger

Style Roulette: One item, two distinct styles.
Round 2: Étoile Isabel Marant Crisi boots

Styled by myself, and Lani of Mon Petit Chou Chou, my good friend and frequent partner in Brimfield and New York Fashion Week hijinks.  While we’ve been fast friends since the day we met, and our personal styles do have a few convergence points, I’ve always appreciated Lani’s bold approach to fashion.  While I tend to the more classic and relaxed, Lani loves vibrant contrast and drama.  Be sure to hop on over to her site to see her entry too!

From top L to R:
Rag & Bone Roseburg coat 

J.Crew western denim shirt
Kenzo Flying Tiger pullover
Cosabella Kitty bralette
Vanessa Bruno Athé leather skirt
Étoile Isabel Marant Crisi boots
Jerome Dreyfuss suede Igor bag
Isabel Marant Drake scarf

Denim, leather, camel, suede and tigers.  These are a few of my favorite things.  There’s just something about a full-length coat and a teeny tiny miniskirt that I will always love.  Throw in some flying tigers and I won’t be able to resist.  Kitty love notwithstanding, I’d normally be a bit leery of such a bold print, but with this color palette and that gorgeous topcoat the tigers become a bit more subdued — they function more as leitmotif than overture.  Meow.

In Memoriam, Inspired: October

31/10/2013 § 1 Comment

Oct15 Oct16 oct21 Oct2 Oct12 Oct4 Oct1 Oct13 Oct5 Oct19 Oct8 oct20 Oct9 Oct3 Oct11 Oct10 Oct18 Oct17 Oct7Inspiration from the month of October from my Tumblr.

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