Your Thoughts? Rugby Ralph Lauren Herringbone Suit

18/08/2010 § Leave a comment

I am really enjoying this slightly cropped and feminine take on the classic herringbone suit.  The jacket I would wear in a second, but the shorts…?

This opens up an entirely different debate on work shorts.  My position on said work shorts is that they are always wrong for men*, but can be okay for women in certain specific circumstances, such as:

  1. you’re not wearing them to work.  Obvs.
  2. you work at a rather casual place OR it’s a severely casual Friday OR your friendly office fashion police are on vacation, etc.
  3. you actually work at Rugby.  (Actually, they might be required there…)

As you can see, I’m on the fence with the work shorts in general, but especially in this case.  Is this too twee for real life?  Does the model look like she’s wearing her best Oliver Twist costume?  If you lost the braces and the ruffled shirt, would that bring it down a few notches?  Or do you love how all the details work together on the overall look?

Head to Rugby to pick up the suit.

*Oh, there’s only one exception to the “always wrong for men” rule:  Brad Goreski gets a free pass to wear all the shorts he wants!


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