The Ralph Lauren Way To While Away Those Summer Hours

20/08/2010 § Leave a comment

Quite Continental loves a good Ralph Lauren advert.  The galloping polo ponies, the tousled hair, the long grass, the golden lab puppies, the freshly scrubbed faces…  Among my favorites are the Nacho Figueras Polo ads, in which the polo star attempts to smolder while wearing outfits of varying believability, usually holding something nonsensical.

Since I can’t find my favorite one in which he is smoldering in an office cradling a trumpet, you can see Nacho in a relatively tame one:

I am saddened by my loss on the polo field, but I am feeling comforted by the abundance of cashmere cable knit and wool herringbone that surrounds me.

It seems like Ralphie knows that summer hours in the office can be unbearable and has created a little something for those of us stuck at our desks yearning to be outdoors frolicking in the summer sun wearing immaculate preptastic outfits…OR really, for those of us who would fancy making their very own Ralph Lauren montage commercial.  The marketing campaign for the new Big Pony fragrance by Ralph Lauren allows you to do just that.  Head  here and see your Ralph Lauren dreams come to life.  You can also upload them and compete with other people’s short films, but Quite Continental prefers just to while away the hours with the pretty playthings.

H/T: Refinery

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