Fotos: Brooks Brothers Fleece Fall 2010 ~ 346 Madison Ave Flagship

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Was at the Brooks Brothers flagship for a completely unrelated bit of browsing when I happened upon the display for their relatively new children’s line, called “Fleece,” on the second floor.  While both the boys’ and girls’ lines are charming, I feel the girls’ line (and display) has a slight edge.  The looks for the girls have such a fresh take on the classic prep school style: pinstriped oxford shirt dresses with contrast piping, ties and bow ties used liberally, lots of fun contrasting colors, etc.  As for the displays and merchandising, all of my pictures are from the girls’ side.

The boys’ line, while classic and of high quality, doesn’t really break any new ground.  Looked more like BB had simply miniaturized and rehashed old mens’ lines and displays.  With such innovation on the girls’ side, I expected the some for the boys as well, but perhaps this is the one example where Brooks Brothers finally does a superior line for females.   (I’ve always been a bit of a disappointed Brooks Brothers womenswear shopper, can you tell?)  I have to admit, this lopsidedness was surprising to me — until I found out the primary designer for Fleece was a woman.  Aha!

For more on Fleece – head over to the Brooks Brothers site here.

The only thing more adorable than the store display is the ad campaign.

What is a classic?
a. The #2 pencil. In yellow.
b. An ancient Greek story.
c. Fleece: Brooks Brothers’ new collection for children.

Answer: all the above. A classic is like a secret. Pass it on…from sibling to sibling, one generation to the next.

The little girl in the bow tie!  J’adore!

Via: BrooksBrothers346 YouTube Channel


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