Quite Continental Recap: Fashion’s Night Out 2010

13/09/2010 § Leave a comment

Battling a head cold and blustery fall weather, I set out to enjoy the spectacle that is New York’s Fashion’s Night Out.  In New York, the evening always feels a bit like a combination of Halloween and New Year’s Eve, with better clothes — everyone is dressed to the nines, spirits are high, and the festivities are simply amazing.  The city is electrified by fashion.  Armed with a shortlist of people and places to see, I tried to make the most of an overfilled night.

My first stop was Bloomingdale’s at East 59th Street and Lexington Avenue.  On FNO, the large department stores can be a bit intimidating — there is something to see, do, listen to, eat, drink, or try in every corner — but I highly recommend stopping in at least one.  Bloomingdale’s was a complete zoo.  High notes included the pop-up Boardwalk Empire casino, complete with table games, cigar makers, and showgirls; fragrant, southern style barbecued pork at the Billy Reid/GQ/Levi’s party; and tango lessons at the Lancome counter.

Next, I sojourned down to SoHo, where the crowds were absolutely ba-na-nas.  A priority for me (and about a bajillion other people) was to catch the Janelle Monae performance at the Ralph Lauren shop on West Broadway.  I secured a choice spot directly across the street and had a perfect view of the craziness on the street and in the boutique.  The stage was set up in the large windows fronting the shop, and it was outfitted with a platform that the diminutive Ms. Monae used to play to the large crowd in the street.

Janelle Monae was amazing!

After the performance, I wandered about SoHo, popping into a few stores and generally enjoying the spectacle.  Because of the high concentration of stores in SoHo, you really get the most bang for your buck by staying there on FNO.

Live models at Kiki de Montparnasse.

Nautical basics and whiskey at Onassis.

Looking forward to next year.  Happy NYFW!

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