Your Thoughts? Club Monaco Max Blazer

20/10/2010 § Leave a comment

Even though camel is very hot this season, camel is a staple color that I group along with navy and gray as one of my favorite fashion workhorses. Lately I have been on the hunt for a camel jacket, blazer or coat that would be a classic addition to my wardrobe.  I think I may have found it this Sunday afternoon while wandering around Soho.

The Club Monaco Max Blazer hits the high points on my wishlist.  I had been considering a few coats, but what I really wanted was a jacket or blazer to get me through autumn.   It’s a wool blend and is fully lined, which will give it a bit of extra warmth that hopefully extends the amount of time it can be worn.  The pricetag doesn’t break the bank, either.

But I do have my doubts.  While camel with be around long after the “trend” has died out, this is definitely a boyfriend blazer and this trend does swing in and out (you will recall it was previously favored by Lisa Turtle at Bayside High).  While the coat has a generally classic lines – I like that it’s not double breasted or gussied up with “fun” details – it is over-sized, a bit boxy and has pretty strong shoulders.

Your thoughts?

On balance, I’m definitely leaning toward making the move and bringing this find home.  Someone needs to make me a bigger coat closet!

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