Quite Continental Wants: Burberry Leather-buckle Cotton Trench

28/01/2011 § Leave a comment

Now, perhaps I should re-title this, and replace the “Wants” with “Fantasizes About,” because unlike the last few items I posted about, this trench has a good chance of never gracing my wardrobe simply because it might be a bridge too far for my charge card to cross. Might. So let us just set aside the troublesome price and focus on the simplified beauty of this classic coat.

My current trench is bone-colored and has all of the bells and whistles — the epaulets, the metal closures at the neck, etc. — and I adore it.  It’s traveled with me all over.  It’s provenance is Banana Republic, which hilariously tends to flabbergast the ladies who lunch in TriBeCa when they ask me where I’ve gotten it from.  I picked it up, on sale, in the middle of summer on a trip home to Los Angeles.  (Sidenote: Los Angeles is a great place to pick up winter items or raincoats on sale)  I love my trench coat because it will always be an enduring classic.  It will never need tailoring, will never look dated, and will be with me for years — as long as I treat it right.

I love this Burberry coat because it is a gorgeously pared-down interpretation of their classic trench.  Most of the extraneous details are removed and you are able to concentrate on the beauty of the basic shape of the coat, with it’s nipped-in waist, streamlined sleeves and no belt to fuss with.  But — but! — the rugged detail of the leather straps and buckles at the neck?  J’adore!

Available at Net-A-Porter.

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