28 Days of Classy and Fabulous Things: Day 9 – Move It

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**QC’s 28 Days**
In February I will be bringing you daily tips
to cultivate more classiness and fabulousness in daily life!
Image via LIFE, by Alfred Eisenstaedt

Day 9: Move It
Life is neither classy nor fabulous if it is spent feeling anything less than energized.  You will soundly fail to carpe diem if you cannot summon the physical strength and mental fortitude to pull yourself from your gorgeously upholstered Louis XIV chair and set out to conquer the world.  This is the main reason to take today’s tip to heart, but of course, there are countless others — illness prevention, weight control, reduction of stress, and the like.

As someone who has gone through phases with her own fitness routine — ranging from completely nonexistent to running the New York Marathon last November — I have a few ideas both on how to get started with a new regimen and ways to refine one you’re currently committed to.

  1. Join a gym, hire a trainer, sign up for a series of classes: The beauty of exercise is that you are born with all the equipment you need to get a good workout — your body.  (Okay, maybe you also need some shoes.  And maybe some pants.  Semantics.)  However, most people fail to compel their bodies to get that good workout on their own.  This tip will motivate you to exercise with the threat of wasted money hanging over your head.  Gym memberships and classes exist in practically every price range, so I’m definitely not accepting the “too expensive” argument here.  You may not be spinning in the Sports Club/LA, but your local Y probably has some stationary bikes free at this very second.
  2. Set reasonable goals: To mark your progress, you must set goals.  Most importantly, your goals must be reasonable for yourself or else you run the danger of finding yourself in a tailspin of perceived failure and you will lose any momentum you have built up.  A good way to find reasonable, bite-sized goals, is to find a big goal and then examine the steps that it will take to get there.  For example, if I wanted to run the New York Marathon again this November, I know it would take me about five months of concerted training to be ready, meaning I would start in May.  From now until May, I have about three months to maintain a general base of fitness to build upon later.  Since it’s February now, I can set a reasonable goal for myself to go to the gym or run or do something physical at least four times a week.  If I miss one weekly workout now, the marathon isn’t lost.  I will pick myself up, dust myself off, and simply focus on getting to the gym four times next week.
  3. Change it up: Nothing is more boring in life than monotony.  Keeping yourself engaged, interested and challenged by your routine will make you so much more happier than if you just did 45 minutes on the same elliptical machine every other day.  Try new machines, try new classes, try windsprints and hill repeats — your brain will thank you and your body will show the results of your hard work much quicker.
  4. Fabulous outfits!: First, can we please give credit to the ladies in the above picture doing push-ups in their heels?  J’adore! I have always found that I am more motivated to get sweaty if I really love my workout clothes.  I am a big fan of lululemon, but I definitely recognize that their clothing can be a bit spendy — always a good idea to keep an eye on their sales.  Lululemon has great apparel and equipment for the running/yoga/Pilates/gym set.  If I had to recommend you pick up only one essential piece, I would choose the Wonder Under Crop.  I’ve worn them running, to yoga, to gym classes, to Pilates, and around the house — it is a great pair of tights with just a touch of compression (keeps them from loosening up and getting all bunchy at the knees — also makes your bum look great!)
  5. Find something you love: Through my training for the NYC Marathon, I came to realize that running was not something that I loved to do.  Running is something that I enjoy.  I don’t find it torturous but I don’t feel compelled to run very frequently (and especially in the winter!).  Through a fabulous and classy friend of mine, I was introduced to IntenSati.  A “practice for body, heart and mind,” IntenSati fuses a number of fitness regimes — kickboxing, yoga and dance — with spoken affirmations.  Positive thoughts are focused on and spoken out loud as a group, premised on the belief that your mind can only hold one thought at a time and that if you choose to make that thought a powerful thought, you will be uplifted.  Now, I bet you’re probably picturing this as some kind of softly-lit new-agey yoga-y class.  It definitely isn’t.  Patricia Moreno has created a high-energy cardio class that engages the mind and challenges the body.  We’re talking fogged mirrors and breaks to mop the sweat from the floors, people.  While I don’t feel compelled to run, I do feel compelled to “Sati.”  I encourage you to find your own love, and definitely recommend you try out IntenSati.  Find the IntenSati schedule here and New York Equinox members can learn more here.

I’m sure that you have plenty of your own ideas on how to get moving – would love to hear them!

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