28 Days of Classy and Fabulous Things: Day 19 – Try a Bit of High Art

19/02/2011 § Leave a comment

**QC’s 28 Days**
In February I will be bringing you daily tips
to cultivate more classiness and fabulousness in daily life!
Image via LIFE, taken in 1958 by Walter Sanders.

Day 19: Try a Bit of High Art
I’m definitely of the opinion that a classy and fabulous life should include exposure to cultural experiences of the sort often referred to as “high culture” or “high art.”  Now, granted, terming specific kinds of art as “high” invites controversy and accusations of elitism.  It is not my intention to require you to snob about and attend the entire season at the PhilharmonicAu contraire! What I am modestly suggesting is that you approach high art with an open mind.  Attend the ballet at least once before deciding you hate it.  Listen to some Shostakovich and a bit of Debussy before deciding you don’t like classical music.  Be willing to experiment and you might be surprised!  (Please note, I am not suggesting that you must only enjoy stuffy baroque operas and oil paintings!  A fabulous and classy life has room for everything, even Gossip Girl.  Maybe not Jersey Shore…)

About six years ago, I had the good fortune to be introduced to the opera by a lovely friend.  I hadn’t had any exposure to the art form, but somehow I already had preconceived notions about what it was like and how much I would (not) enjoy it.  Completely preposterous!  I came away completely in love after my first performance and went on to rush the entire season — even going alone to a few performances!

Skeptical?  Think the opera is all heavyset women with viking hats screaming their heads off?  Mais, non! Witness one of the hottest duos in contemporary opera, Rolando Villazon and Anna Netrebko, preform a selection from Massenet’s Manon, “Toi! Vous!”  Luckily, I was able to see them both perform Manon at the LA Opera.  It was truly amazing!

My point here is not to merely sell you on going to the opera (do try it!) but to illustrate that your preconceived notions about “high art” might be as wrong as mine were about the opera.  And you’ll never know until you try.  Expanding your cultural horizons pure class.  Besides, what could be more fabulous than attending an opening night or a black tie gala?

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