28 Days of Classy and Fabulous Things: Day 23 – Fly Solo

23/02/2011 § 1 Comment

**QC’s 28 Days**
In February I will be bringing you daily tips
to cultivate more classiness and fabulousness in daily life!
Image via LIFE, taken in 1945 by Nina Leen.

Day 23: Fly Solo
A classy and fabulous life is one that is filled with confidence, or at least building it up, cherie. Having wonderful friends and family and a partner are important parts of life, but you must also focus some time on your relationship with your darling self.  We’ve touched upon this a bit, earlier in the month (see: Be Your Own Valentine), but now we are talking about action and not just emotion.  Make an effort to do things on your own, because when you focus on putting your independence in motion, your self-confidence will bloom.  You don’t have to wait to have someone to go with to enjoy that exhibit at the museum.  Try that new restaurant you’ve been hearing about.  Feeling nervous?  Perhaps it might help if you started small.  Maybe try a movie on your own, or a casual lunch?  But think about it, my dear.  Who could be a better compatriot to you, than you?  No need to compromise or empathize, you get to do exactly as you like, whenever you like.

Some of my most treasured memories are from the time I spent travelling alone in Europe.  Cherie, I will admit that I was completely mortified at the idea and didn’t know how I would be able to make it work!  Not only was I going it alone, but I was to visit countries I had never been to and I definitely did not speak more than a bit of the languages I would encounter whilst on my trip.  But I knew I wanted to do it.  I knew that I would have the time of my life and I would not be scared for very long — and it was true!  It was an amazing trip.  I woke up whenever I wanted, I ate what I wanted, I visited what I wanted — it was like a European festival of myself!  I came back to the colonies with a renewed inner strength and confidence, and definitely approached my life with different eyes.

So though it might seem a little scary at first, put on your smartest suit and take yourself out to a fabulous lunch.  You definitely deserve it, and you just might love it enough to start planning your own solo voyage to a fabulous location!

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