Scooped: Seabreeze Phonograph {also, Win It! – The World of Gloria Vanderbilt}

03/03/2011 § 7 Comments

I’ve already reported on the Ralph Lauren Home sample sale last weekend, but we haven’t yet had a chance to discuss the treasures I found.  Most special to me is this darling phonograph I scored for only $25.  Probably manufactured in the late 50s by Seabreeze, a Canadian corporation that now focuses on “home comfort products” like heaters and fans, the phonograph is in relatively good condition, albeit missing a needle.  If you have any ideas on how/where I can find a replacement needle, do let me know, darling!

I’m not even sure if it works yet, but I was so drawn to the design and lettering, there was no way that I was going to leave without it.  I actually bought it without a plan to get it home.  Luckily, one of the sweet boys working the sale helped me get it in a taxi, and then the cab driver helped me get it out of the trunk, and my doorman helped me get it inside.  A happy and lucky chain of events!  So excited!

Do not think that I shopped only for myself!  I picked something up for you, cherie, but of course!

I’m giving away a special Ralph Lauren edition of The World of Gloria Vanderbilt, a gorgeous book about a remarkable woman.  This special edition comes in a pretty purple keepsake box with a frame-worthy print from a Toni Frissell shoot of Gloria for Vogue at her Connecticut country home, Faraway.  The book details Gloria’s amazing life, from her birth into American aristocracy, her tumultuous and peripatetic childhood, her debut as a beautiful socialite, her marriages and children, and her varied talents as an actor, painter, writer, designer and muse.  The book is simply lovely!

Entering is easy.  In honor of a woman who was undoubtedly classy and fabulous, click around my 28 Days of Classy and Fabulous Things and leave a comment below this post telling me which day’s tip was your favorite and why.

For additional entries you can follow me on Twitter or bloglovin’ or add me to your RSS reader — just be sure to let me know in your comment!

You have until March 10 to enter, and I will announce the winner next week.

Bonne chance mes amis!!

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§ 7 Responses to Scooped: Seabreeze Phonograph {also, Win It! – The World of Gloria Vanderbilt}

  • John says:

    Well Mariah, if you ever feel that phonograph is taking up tooo much room and plan on replacing it with another fabulous item, feel free to let me know and I will take it off your hands for you. Finding a replacement needle should be easy.

  • Marissa says:

    Ooh – great finds! And thanks for hosting a giveaway. I have a thing for pretty coffee table books. I think my favorite was Day 4, the red lip. I finally found my perfect shade (Nars Afghan Red) and now I can’t get enough.

  • noelani says:

    I love the red lip and calling card, mais oui! I have worn my cruella NARS lip pen almost daily since acquiring, and it will make its debut in my next outfit post (on a casual Sunday no less). You have changed my world in a fabulous and classy way!

  • Renni says:

    I have been following all of the Days with relish but I have to say that my favorite Day has to be the LBD Day. I too have fallen into the habit of having a lot of black dresses but not ONE true LBD. Your post has inspired me to track down my own true LBD and update my closet accordingly.

  • Ritournelle says:

    My favorite is Disconnect (day 18) because it’s the piece of advice I need the most right now! Modern technology and staying connected to other people is addictive and you can easily stop taking time for yourself because of it. Thank you for the words of wisdom!
    Oh, and I follow you on Twitter 😉

  • Tara says:

    I love the one about bicycles. Still to this day, it is my favorite activity and highly underrated. To me, riding a bike gives me the feeling of independence.

  • Mariah says:

    I’ve just used to select a winner and I’m pleased to announce that Renni has won!

    Renni, please email me your address and Gloria will be on her way to you post-haste!


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