{A Few Bold Pretties} Interior Inspiration: 1stdibs Wishlist and Indiscreet (1958)

14/03/2011 § 5 Comments

I have been finding interior inspiration in all sorts of places lately.  I am loving dramatic lines, bright colors, luxurious fabrics and exotic hides, cherie, and I have been thinking about one of my favorite films, Indiscreet (1958), starring Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant.  Indiscreet is a lovely film about a famous actress (Bergman) who has given up on the hope of finding and marrying her true love.  She then completely falls in love with a suave American business man (Grant) who leads her to believe he is married, when he in fact is not.  The truth is discovered and hi-jinks result.  It’s a completely lovely film, but the reason my bold interior inclinations have reminded me of Indiscreet is because of the gorgeous living room of Bergman’s London apartment.

Completely in love with the mixing of modern art, bright colors, classic shapes and obvious luxury.  You can see a wonderful little clip of Grant and Bergman in white tie attire engage in a bit of witty repartee in the darling living room here. (Bergman’s best quote: “I like a man with a glass in his hand, it’s becoming.“)

I’ll also include the following clip, not only because you can see a good deal of the living room, but mainly for the following quotes:  “Oh, shut up!” “How dare he make love to me and not be a married man!” And of course, “Daaaamn!”

My mind is being drawn on a colorful, glamorous safari and I’ve got a bad case of spring fever, most definitely!  I think some bold pretty things are essential for le maison, and I have been stalking the treasures on 1stdibs for ideas.  Yes, the beauties below are definitely spendy — hence I’ve placed them in my inspiration files and not on my shopping list — but I’ve also included some less expensive “real life alternatives” alongside my finds below to help kick start your creative flow.

All images via 1stdibs

Vintage dream: Hollywood Regency chairs in gorgeous striped silk

Real life alternative: Reupholster a Craigslist find

Vintage dream: Bronze sea horse from the front of a Venetian gondola

Real life alternative: Cast iron horse bust


Vintage dream: Billy Haines faux-bamboo mirror

Real life alternative: Vintage faux-bamboo mirror

Vintage dream: Zebra ottoman

Real life alternative: Zebra stenciled cowhide rug

Vintage dream: Pineapple lamps

Real life alternative: Shiny chrome lamp base


Vintage dream: Art Deco clock

Real life alternative: Art Deco clock

Vintage dream: Antique crocodile trunk

Real life alternative: Vintage steamer trunk

Vintage dream: 19th century Chinese porcelain vases

Real life alternative: Hand painted Chinese vase

Do you have a few bold pretties?  Where did you find yours?

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