New Additions: LIFE Magazines

14/06/2011 § 2 Comments

I arrived home today to find a small batch of LIFE Magazines I ordered, waiting for me.  Now, you must already realize how much I love the LIFE Archives, so you must understand how I feel about owning these magazines “in the flesh.”  I recently discussed my favorite issue — my Dorothy Dandridge issue — but these four may give Ms. Dandridge a run for her money.

The issue with Rita Hayworth on the cover, dated January 18, 1943, has a delightful photo spread of Ms. Hayworth.  A wartime film star, she gamely allowed the magazine to put her through a model’s typical day, complete with casting calls, stretching exercises and photo shoots.  But the best feature of this issue is definitely the advertisements: “Victory is Everybody’s Business!”

I also picked up an issue dated January 23, 1950 with a lead story on “Man-Tailored Shirts” for women.  No brainer.

Since I’m a sucker for pretty much anything that has to do with Gregory Peck, there was no way I was passing up an issue with him on the cover dated December 1, 1947.  But as I flipped through the pages, I realized that the issue also contained photographs from the wedding of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.  Freaking out.  And rather timely…

The King and Queen of England

The fourth and probably most special issue that I have added to my collection is also the oldest.  Dated June 7, 1937, this issue studies collegiate style across the country.  It’s an amazing look back at prewar fashions, attitudes and amusement.

“The college girl and boy of 1937 both dress distinctively.  Look especially at heads and feat.  She will most often be wearing ankle socks and no hat.  He will have dirty sport shoes and a battered hat or none at all.”

Sorority girls at University of Missouri.

Necking at Vandy.

Photos of the Yale Class of 1888.  At graduation and 25 years later.

Yale class of 1878.

One source for my vintage LIFE Magazine fetish is this shop run by Ron Gilbert on Etsy.  I will admit I am a little leery giving away my secret — as you may steal all the things that are meant to be mine! — but it’s such a good little shop I feel I must share it with you.

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§ 2 Responses to New Additions: LIFE Magazines

  • It was so odd looking at the Royal Wedding images – I’ve seen them thousands of times before of course (being a Brit) but it was fun to compare them with the recent wedding. I really like the lace train she had for her wedding dress here.

    The collegiate style photos were really interesting. The playsuit(?) that the woman is wearing whilst getting ready in the middle of your post – looks lovely. I would like to see a close up please!

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