Love Stories by Olivier Dahan for Cartier

28/06/2011 § 1 Comment

I’m feeling a bit sentimental…

The Kiss – Volume 3

In 2007 Cartier released a series of 12 two minute films by Olivier Dahan, celebrating the topic of love, that I frequently find myself wandering back to watch. (If you are familiar with my Tumblr, you already know I am somewhat obsessed with them.)  Set in Paris, the films explore the many faces of love: new love, betrayed love, familial love, lost love, sensual love.  If you haven’t already seen them, they are definitely worth the half hour or so.

My absolute favorite is “The Kiss – Volume 3,” which I’ve posted above.  The whirling camera work, the lights, the expressiveness of the couple, the agony, the ecstacy…it’s simply delicious.  It perfectly captures the moment.  I’ve included all of the films after the jump if you care to watch all the way through.  They’ve been dubbed in English — I will readily admit they lose a bit when compared to the original French versions — but I still love them.  Call me sentimental.

Which one is your favorite?

The Declaration – Volume 1

Forgiveness – Volume 2

The Kiss – Volume 3

Infinite Love – Volume 4

Hero of Love – Volume 5

First Kiss – Volume 6

A Life of Love – Volume 7

A Living Liason – Volume 8

Love On Hold – Volume 9

Knowing How – Volume 10

The Game of Seduction – Volume 11

The Decision – Volume 12

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