Real Property Lust: Vintage Rose

01/07/2011 § Leave a comment

I came across this great apartment in Sweden courtesy of Adorevintage, and I echo their endorsement of the sparing use of shades of pink to communicate femininity in this wonderfully vintage-feeling home.  I adore how this home — so lovingly filled by an amazing collector — is still full of light and manages to be airy.  Love the mismatched chairs, the gorgeously dense hallway gallery, the stuffed duck and impala, the painted floor in the kitchen and how it echoes the pattern of the bathroom floor, the ornate ceilings, and — of course — that kickass portrait of Mick Jagger.  I definitely want to meet whoever lives here.  I would force them to be my friend.  (Maybe they like Robyn as much as I do…?)

The view.

The building!

In addition, it appears this apartment is either for sale or rent (my Swedish is rather bad, apologies).  Anyone want to go halfsies?

All images via Bolaget.

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