Quite Continental Wants…

24/08/2011 § 3 Comments

You’ve probably noticed I frequently indulge my inner Veruca Salt (Gooses! Geeses!) by talking about things I want, usually under the title “Wants.”  There’s really no rhyme or reason to the selected items, as you might have noticed, since they’ve ranged from a bread bin to a Burberry trench.  Truly, the only thing linking them all is that I feel an irresistible urge to make them mine immediately.

As I mentioned, I joined Svpply recently.  For those unfamiliar, Svpply is a great way to compile all the (online) items your inner Veruca demands in one place.  You can also follow your favorite stores and other Svpply users whose “eye” you appreciate, which will yield plenty of new discoveries, believe me.  Are you on Svpply already?  You should be…

Without any further ado, some of my Wants, direct from Svpply:

Moschino Dropped Waist Crepe Dress

The dropped waist and the high contrast stripes on this dress have me thinking about the 1920s.  The pleats are to die for.  If I had my way, I would live in this dress, preferably while drinking champagne in a crystal coupe glass at Maxim’s.  With Zelda…if she was in a good mood.

Monogrammed Hermes Travel Bag

A bag with some miles on it that bears the kind of patina that only years of love can yield.   Dear SMP, whoever you are, I simply love your darling bag.

Drake’s London silk knitted tie with “handsewn spots”

Have we already talked about my obsession with polka dots?  No?  Well suffice it to say that if you put polka dots on any.thing. I will definitely look twice…maybe three times.  Especially if it is on a gorgeous silk knitted tie by Drake’s London.  I need this around my neck five minutes ago.

Vanessa Bruno smocked silk playsuit

I can’t help but think about Atonement when I look at this.  I see hot summer days with the windows thrown wide open, gauzy curtains trailing into the center of the room, carried there by the breeze.  I’ll be wearing this, and reading Duras, eating fresh blackberries with sticky fingers, hair tied up in a messy bun on the top of my head.  I adore the delicate straps and the scalloped edges.  Feminine without being prissy or overly frilly.  A million times yes.

Margaret Howell Fair Isle sweater

I have a tradition with my father every Christmas.  He buys me an oversize “man sweater” (as he calls it).  I’m not sure how it got started — maybe it was because I stole his sweaters a lot — but I feel like this one should be the one this year.

“Gentleman” oil paintings

No explanation needed on these blokes.  They’re simply awesome.


§ 3 Responses to Quite Continental Wants…

  • noelani says:

    Oh how I wish a fairy godmother would just buy me that jumpsuit. It brings me straight back to 1985. And Vanessa Bruno no less.

  • AliceRose says:

    The gentelman with the statues has two different colored hands. In fact, his left hand matches the statues! It’s stone! He must have had some sort of… laboratory… accident? Maybe those are *evil* cherubs behind him, and they’re slowly sucking the human flesh from the world? Man, I like those paintings even more, now!

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