Shortlist #2

26/09/2011 § Leave a comment

Currently occupying space in my brain:

Burning Barbershop by D.S. & Durga
I recently transitioned to a new scent for the fall, and surprise, surprise, it’s men’s cologne.  Spicy, musky and warm, with notes of vanilla, lavender and lime, Burning Barbershop smells so wonderful it makes me want to make out with myself more than a little.  D. S. & Durga, a tiny, Brooklyn-based fine perfume and cologne outfit places high value on their connection to the surrounding community and procuring the best ingredients possible.  They craft, bottle, box and label everything with their four hands.  Their scents are complex, luxurious and season on the skin gorgeously.  If you catch me furiously sniffing my own wrist, you’ll know why…

I Married Adventure by Osa Johnson
A recent, hard-fought eBay battle brought this lovely book home to me.  I am excited to read all about Martin and Osa and their adventures, which will warrant a fuller post in the coming weeks.  And before you ask, yes, I had to have the 1940 zebra printing.

Hooked from the very first paragraph…

A Perfect Guide S/S 2011 issue
Flipping quickly through this delicious fashion glossy, I was immediately intrigued by a series of editorials taken around the country, especially the one chosen for the cover, set in Cape Cod.  I snapped it up in short order.  What I didn’t notice was that the magazine was in Swedish (for the most part).  Sadly my Swedish language skills are woefully bereft.  In any event, the Cape Cod editorial alone is worth the purchase price.

Quoddy Moccasin Boot
Ever come across a pair of shoes that you know should be yours inside of a second?  Have you then had every single person you’ve asked for their opinion on them disagree with you?  Well, I’m in that situation at the moment with these beauties by Quoddy.  While I envision myself in chunky cable-knit sweaters and skinny dark denim, blowing the steam off the top of a scalding cup of coffee on a wooden deck somewhere, everyone else seems to think they are rather too Frankenstein-ish for me.  Now comes the part where I decide if I care about that…or not.

Also worth mentioning are Quoddy’s Marine Woodsman Shearling-Lined Leather Boots.

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