Fotos: Scenes from a New York Staycation {aka 4th of July weekend}

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Brooklyn Bridge.

First off, apologies to those of you that already follow me on Instagram, because these shots will be a bit repetitive.  I had a guest from LA visit me for a few days and I took some time off this week to wander around the city and be a tourist too.  I also managed to get some beach time, heading out on my first trip to Fort Tilden.  Also caught Woody Allen’s latest and greatest.  All in all, a welcome and much-needed minibreak.

Father Demo Square

Babycakes Vegan Bakery

Trinity Church

Bubby’s Pie Co

Stone Street

Washington Square Park

Petrossian restaurant in the Alwyn Court Building

The Chrysler Building

East River Bridges

Getting to Fort Tilden was quite easy.  Catch a ferry from Pier 11, enjoy a few drinks on hourlong boat ride (which passes underneath the Verrazano and goes past Coney Island), and get dropped off a block away from the beach.  While it’s not the most family-friendly set up (not a lot of bathrooms or concession stands and no lifeguards at all) the beach is beautiful and usually rather deserted.  If you’re so inclined, clothing-optional sunbathing is fine.  I kept it continental, but I did see a few fully nude gents and ladies — so if that’s not your thing, consider yourself forewarned.

Verrazano Bridge

“The observatory deck on top of Battery Harris East, a historic gun site, offers dramatic views of Jamaica Bay and New York Harbor, and is a great vantage point to spot migrating birds.”

Saturday’s summer storm in SoHo.

On Saturday I popped by the Angelika Theatre to see Midnight in Paris (a must see!) with Marisa, and then did a lovely bit of wandering, culminating with us solidly parking ourselves in the window seat of Mud Coffee in the East Village for a few hours.

Battery Park Marina

Evidently there are tango dancers in Union Square every Sunday…

Picnicking in Central Park

One World Trade Center.

Illustrated Independence

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Happy Fourth of July!
In honor of America’s birthday, a few illustrations.
If you’d like to see photographs, do head over to my Tumblr.

Sheet music, 1861.

Tammany Hall decorated for the Nat’l Convention, July 4th, 1868

Union Square, New York, July 4th 1876

Market St., Portsmouth, New Hampshire, July 4th, 1853

“Peace,” July 4th, 1865

“The 4th of July,” 1872.

“Fourth of July on the Hudson,” 1854.

I’m hoping to run into Messrs. Augustus and Frank Puffin (aka the “Rather Fast Youths”) along the Hudson this evening.  Cigars, brandy cocktails, mint juleps, resplendent pants? Check, check, check, check…

“Fourth of July” 1894, by Charles Dana Gibson

Puck Magazine, July 4th, 1901.
(Note the hatchlings in the nest: “Philippines, Cuba, Hawaii, Porto Rico”)

Puck Magazine, July 4, 1904

WWI poster, 1918.

WWII poster, 1942

WWII poster, 1942

Fourth of July Declaration by President Roosevelt, 1941

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Wants: Castañer Ula Canvas Espadrille {also, La Garçonne Sale Stalking}

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Image via La Garconne.

Want.  Need.  Now.

I’ve already posted these espadrilles over on my Tumblr, but I thought you might like to take a gander at them as well.  How precious are these?

While we’re on the subject of La Garçonne — one of my favorite online boutiques — I took a gander at their sale in case you might be in the shopping mood.

Some of my favorite items:

Real Property Lust: Vintage Rose

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I came across this great apartment in Sweden courtesy of Adorevintage, and I echo their endorsement of the sparing use of shades of pink to communicate femininity in this wonderfully vintage-feeling home.  I adore how this home — so lovingly filled by an amazing collector — is still full of light and manages to be airy.  Love the mismatched chairs, the gorgeously dense hallway gallery, the stuffed duck and impala, the painted floor in the kitchen and how it echoes the pattern of the bathroom floor, the ornate ceilings, and — of course — that kickass portrait of Mick Jagger.  I definitely want to meet whoever lives here.  I would force them to be my friend.  (Maybe they like Robyn as much as I do…?)

The view.

The building!

In addition, it appears this apartment is either for sale or rent (my Swedish is rather bad, apologies).  Anyone want to go halfsies?

All images via Bolaget.

Wants: Preoccupied with Pachyderms

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While we were at Brimfield, Lani pointed out that I had something of an obsession with elephants, and I realized it was true!  My attention was drawn every single time an elephant appeared on the scene, but the only elephants that came home with me that day were the two pictured above, sitting happily on an art deco ashtray (worry not, I am not a smoker, but I do have a definite love for smoking accessories).

Since then I’ve found a few more elephants I wouldn’t mind adding to my petite pachyderm.  You can see them after the jump.

What’s your obsession of the moment?

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The Nautical 1930s {Salvatore Ferragamo Resort 2012}

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When Massimiliano Giornetti draws from the 1930s for inspiration for the 2012 Salvatore Ferragamo resort collection, and then adds a dash of the nautical, you already know I’m ob.sessed.  I’ve been increasingly drawn to Ferragamo over the last few seasons — loving the house’s coherence and understated elegance under Giornetti and every collection leaves me wanting more.  The 2012 resort collection immediately transports me to the ultra chic ocean vistas of Positano and Capri and inspires the thirst for a perfect Negroni.

Sidenote: Giornetti clearly favors model Mariacarla Boscono, because he gave her the two most amazing looks in the show.

Can we talk about this pajama-inspired evening suit?

Long, ivory, double-breasted deliciousness.

All images via Vogue.

View the rest of the looks, head over to Vogue.

Featured: Quite Continental on Two Inch Cuffs ~ “Weekend Reel | Heritage”

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Image via Two Inch Cuffs

Just a short note to let you know I’ve been featured elsewhere on the interwebs!  Recently I spent an enjoyable Sunday afternoon with the Two Inch Cuffs crew shooting a catalog spread featuring shirts by Gitman Vintage (btw ladies, if you remember my recent post on finding the perfect button-down, I would definitely add Gitman Vintage to the list).  My partners in crime were Taj Reed and Seamus Boyle, with photographer Evan Tetreault behind the lens.  Concept and direction were handled by Ruben Hughes.

Now, I did say we spent the afternoon “shooting,” but it really felt like we were just hanging around, making jokes and enjoying the summer weather (I will readily admit that I made more successful jokes than throws of the football).  I also managed to win a dollar off of Seamus on a rather off-color bet.  I’d tell you what it was, but I wouldn’t want to offend anyone’s delicate sensibilities…

To see the full spread, head here.

Ask Me Anything: The Perfect Button-Down

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If there’s anything I might be able to help you with, drop me a line:
The amazing Ms. Jenna Lyons* Image via

Dear QC,
I’m relatively new to your blog, but am thoroughly enamored with your looks for summer (chinos, oxfords, and the like). I was wondering if you have any tips for choosing the best fit for button-down shirts? Do you shop men’s, women’s or both? I’m a bit curvy and not sure where to begin, I’m afraid I’ll be swimming in a men’s shirt, but won’t get the same look in a women’s cut!

I’m a size 12 and pretty curvaceous, as I have a 40 inch bust. I’m a recent graduate from Saint Louis University, so I shop on a budget, with few splurges. My best friends are upscale resale stores and on occasion eBay, but I try to find looks in stores where I can try things on first, and then buy pieces at a discount elsewhere.

Any suggestions would be fantastic!

First, thanks for your kind words and asking for my help!  Ah yes, you have figured out that I almost always have buttons on my shirt.  (In fact, I’m wearing a button-down right now…)  Let’s first get you sorted and then offer a few tips to everyone else.  I should first disclose that you and I have opposite “fit issues” when it comes to shirt shopping.  While mother nature has blessed you with a womanly bustline that has me positively green with envy, I’m what some might call “athletic”…if they were being nice.  But I think that my experience hunting for a perfect shirt will lend itself nicely to your search.

Our first stop is Brooks Brothers.  With women’s shirts available in sizes 0 to 20, I’m confident you could find something here.  Their Classic Fit is the fullest fit available, isn’t darted and has a french front, but I’m curious to see if you might like going up a size or two and trying their more tailored fits — namely, the Tailored and the Fitted.  The darts on a larger size might add a nice bit of shape, whereas the Classic Fit might end up being a bit too blousy.  (Sidenote: the Miracle Non-Iron shirts are amazing, especially for travel, business or otherwise.  I took one with me on a trip to Cairo and it held up beautifully crammed in my duffel.  They’re also excellent if you hate ironing as much as I do.)

Next up, J. Crew.  Here, I recommend the men’s shirts over the women’s.  I’m an especially big fan of their Vintage Chambray Utility Shirt, and have been wearing mine nonstop.  Last summer I went to the Liquor Store in Tribeca to try out the sizing.  I fit into an extra small, but preferred the small because this is a shirt that is meant to be worn a bit loose.  Luckily, these shirts go up to an extra extra large, so I’ll confident you’ll be able to find something comfy and casual.  (The J. Crew women’s shirts go up to an extra large or a 14, which should work.  To be safe, I’d suggest the Perfect Shirt with a bit of stretch, as I understand from my more endowed lady friends that the single biggest issue with wearing button-downs is that annoying gap that tends to open between button holes across the bust.) (I wouldn’t know as my buttons aren’t taxed in the least bit.  They’re practically on vacation.)

Lastly, if you only get one oxford shirt, I want you to get a bengal stripe by Ralph Lauren.  I’ve got more than a few and they only get better and softer with age.  On the women’s side they offer sizes up to 14, but just in case you find the fit unsatisfactory, I might suggest purchasing the men’s shirt and taking it to a tailor to add back or side darts to tweak the fit and make it your own.  (Sidenote: Go to a menswear shop and get measured to figure out what size you are in men’s dress shirts, as they are sold by neck size and sleeve length.)

Good luck!  Do let me know what you end up getting!

A few tips for those with me in the — ahem — “athletic” boat:

  • For dress shirts, the Brooks Brothers Tailored Fit cannot be beat.  The darts are excellently placed.
  • Also try J. Crew men’s shirts in slim/extra small.  An added bonus for tall girls like me, the sleeves are usually quite a bit longer than those you find normally on a woman’s shirt.
  • Check out the men’s shirts at Wharf.  Made in New England, they are of excellent quality, are offered in a small and are meant to shrink a bit.  (Sidenote: I hear that Wharf is working on a line of ladies shirts, which I am sure will be very exciting.)

*Postscript: By the by, I am rather obsessed with Jenna Jyons, President and executive creative director of J. Crew.  She’s 6 feet tall, brunette, from California, and the heir apparent at J. Crew — how could I not be a fan? The lovely Kendall Crow posted a great interview of Jenna and Derek Lam at Parsons (their alma matter) on her blog that you should take a look at, when you have a moment.  I love how Lyons is so funny and down to earth, and greatly admire her personal sense of style — not to mention how well she handled the whole (ridiculous) nail polish gender controversy.

If there’s anything I might be able to help you with, drop me a line:

Love Stories by Olivier Dahan for Cartier

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I’m feeling a bit sentimental…

The Kiss – Volume 3

In 2007 Cartier released a series of 12 two minute films by Olivier Dahan, celebrating the topic of love, that I frequently find myself wandering back to watch. (If you are familiar with my Tumblr, you already know I am somewhat obsessed with them.)  Set in Paris, the films explore the many faces of love: new love, betrayed love, familial love, lost love, sensual love.  If you haven’t already seen them, they are definitely worth the half hour or so.

My absolute favorite is “The Kiss – Volume 3,” which I’ve posted above.  The whirling camera work, the lights, the expressiveness of the couple, the agony, the ecstacy…it’s simply delicious.  It perfectly captures the moment.  I’ve included all of the films after the jump if you care to watch all the way through.  They’ve been dubbed in English — I will readily admit they lose a bit when compared to the original French versions — but I still love them.  Call me sentimental.

Which one is your favorite?

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New Addition: Seltzer Bottle {and Manhattan Flea Markets}

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This weekend I was in the mood to do a bit of flea marketing, but didn’t quite feel like leaving Manhattan to do it, especially since it was Pride weekend and pedestrian/transit traffic was more than bit disorganized as a result.  Alternatively, I hit up two markets that were close to home and scooped up this pretty blue seltzer bottle after a bit of haggling. I’ve been wanting one for awhile, and now I’m guessing that this is to be the first of more than a few. I think they’ll look very pretty lined up on a shelf where the sunlight can hit them…

If you’d like one of your own, you can find an ebay search for “vintage seltzer bottles” here.

Some of my favorite flea markets in the City:

  • GreenFlea Market
    Located on Columbus Avenue between West 76th and 77th Streets on the Upper West Side.
    Open Sundays, 10am to 530pm
    Notes: Especially good for costume jewelry.  There is a good farmer’s market just across the street as well.
  • Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market
    Located on West 39th Street between 9th and 10th Avenues in Hell’s Kitchen
    Open every Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 5pm
    Notes: Lots of clothing.
  • Chelsea Antiques Garage
    Located at 112 West 25th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues, in a parking garage.
    Open every Saturday & Sunday from 9am to 5pm
    Notes: A few years back I was put onto this flea market by Jamie over at The Standard Edition.  Of the three markets listed here, it’s definitely the best and has the most varied and interesting selection of items.  If you only have time for one market, I’d choose this one and spend a good few hours poking around its two floors.

Chelsea Antiques Garage

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