West Egg Girls, East Egg Boys {Maison Kitsuné S/S 2012}

26/03/2012 § Leave a comment

My love for Maison Kitsuné is anything but new.  In fact, it has become a semi-annual event, the declaration of my undying love for their smartly tailored and somewhat preppy collections, that usually draw inspiration from iconic films (see my previous posts on: Spring 2011 – The Passenger, Fall 2011 – Brokeback Mountain).  Their collection for Spring/Summer 2012 is no exception.  Especially when you take into account they’ve taken style cues from The Great Gatsby — the 1974 film that features costumes by Ralph Lauren, not the book published in 1925 by F. Scott Fitzgerald, of course.  While not as literal as Ralph’s S/S 2012, which is similarly jazz era-infused, Kitsuné spring is more modern and more playful but always brings you back to West Egg through the palette, fabrics and discrete design details (a pleat here, a placket there).

What sets this collection very high in my Spring/Summer 2012 eschelon is it’s completeness.  Somehow, the designers at Kitsuné have tapped nearly every style archetype I hold dear — e.g., the prep, the lady, the jeans-and-t girl — thereby providing someone like me (with money to burn, natch) a coherent and polished statement wardrobe, that could just as easily be winnowed down if you aren’t quite as schizo with your style as I am.  Great jackets, beautiful dresses, and one amazing jumpsuit that is just begging for a safari.

To shop, head over to Kitsuné.

Of course, it would be remiss of me to not also mention the men’s collection.

Similarly pastel-hued and also as well-balanced between the casual and slightly more formal, it is the perfect compliment to the women’s collection.  After a bit of a disconnect between the men’s and women’s collection for Fall/Winter 2011, I’m glad to see a more cohesive statement this season.

I’m also excited to note that Maison Kitsune is hard at work on their very first New York store, set to open in April in the new NoMad Hotel at Broadway and 28th!  You can follow the project on their blog or have a look at GQ’s sneak peek.

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