The Shangri-Las ~ Shout

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The Shangri-Las ~ Shout
Performed on the Lloyd Thaxton Show, February 1965.

Completely obsessed with the “tough girls with broken hearts” image of The Shangri-Las, their performance of this song, and their double breasted sweaters.  (My apologies for the condition of the clip, but I wasn’t able to find this without the curious blurry lines.)

Fun facts:

1.) My mother danced on The Lloyd Thaxton Show as a teenager.  Thaxton also frequently had cast members lip-sync popular songs, and my mom performed “Walk on By” by Dionne Warwick.  Try as I might, I haven’t been able to find a clip of this performance.  I remain hopeful that the internets will someday deliver it.

2.) The Shangri-Las were two sets of sisters:  Mary and Betty Weiss, Marge and Mary Ann Ganser.  Early on, Betty Weiss preferred not to perform live, so Mary would step in and lip-sync her songs — which is what is happening in this clip.

3.) Their “tough girl” image probably originated from the fact they all hailed from Queens, but it was supported by rumors of Mary attracting the attention of the FBI for transporting a firearm across state lines.  Mary contended the pistol was needed for her protection, after someone tried to rob the girls while they were on tour.  Badass.

For more of The Shangri-Las, try this album.

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