QC Prêt-à-Porter || I’m on a boat (for a good cause – join me!)

22/06/2012 § Leave a comment

A boaty New England weekend with friends for a good cause, calls for an easy dress and a fun jacket to keep warm when it gets breezy.

I’ll be wearing:
J.Crew Schoolboy blazer in cerise linen
Confetti-dot sundress

Aspirational add-ons include:
summery slips
; starfish and seahorses; and this rattan clutch

Most important accessory:
Ticket for Rockn 4 Rosie

Bit of a different QC Prêt-à-Porter this week.  Instead of placing the focus on what I’d like to be wearing, I wanted to let you know that I will be in Boston this weekend for a charity event that I would love for you to attend.  Rockn 4 Rosie is an annual charity event to benefit the Point After Club, a local community rehabilitation center that offers people who have a mental illness hope and opportunities to achieve their full human potential.  Aside from being for a great cause, the evening cruise around Boston Harbor is always a fun time.  If you find yourself in Boston this weekend, I’d love for you to join.  You can buy tickets and find out more information here.

Have a lovely weekend!
xoxo. M.

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