“Well, this has your name all over it.”

16/07/2012 § Leave a comment

The quote above is from a lovely friend of mine who referred me to the new trailer for Gangster Squad — and who obviously knows me quite well.

Los Angeles.  The 1940s.  Film noir.  A glamorous femme fatale.  Sartorial splendor.  More Art Deco than you can shake a stick at.  Ryan Gosling.  (Okay, maybe that last one is a bit more universal…)

In any event, excited to see this dramatization of clashes between the LAPD and real-life LA gangster Mickey Cohen by director Ruben Fleischer.  This is the second film of Fleischer’s, following the success of Zombieland in 2009 — not sure if zombies translate well to crime dramas, but I’m curious enough to find out.  I’m especially excited by the scenes filmed in Union Station, one of my absolute favorite places in Los Angeles (see more of the gorgeous train station here and here).

Gangster Squad opens September 7, 2012.

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