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10/08/2012 § 3 Comments

A weekend for a little of this, and a little of that…

Ray-Ban Meteor sunglasses
J. Crew Liberty perfect shirt in green pink floral
Vince drawstring short
Gap embroidered loafers (only $40!)
Billykirk No. 235 leather tote

I intend to savor this weekend as much as possible, since it’s just starting to settle in my brain that summer is creeping to a close.  With a bit of effort I will eat my avocado toast out in front of local, meander along the nearly seven miles of Summer Streets, ride my bike once or twice, and spend some quality time with a book that I’ve been nursing (hopefully in a shady patch of Central Park).

Aspirational goal: successfully recreating a recipe from my newest Pinterest board, “Mariah Can’t Cook.”  Just please don’t judge me if it happens to be a cocktail…

Have a lovely weekend!
What will you be getting up to?

xoxo. M.

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§ 3 Responses to QC Prêt-à-Porter || The Generalist

  • Gail Keefe says:

    My husband and I will be going to the farmers’ market, then I’ll take care of some Relay For Life stuff with my committee co-chair. On Sunday morning I’ll be working at the Soup Kitchen with my church youth group. Sunday night I’ll be attending an ornament exchange. Yep, already made some Christmas ornaments!

    • Hi Gail,

      Sounds like a very full weekend indeed! I can’t even imagine buying Christmas ornaments, let alone making them, in August — my hat is definitely off to you! What kind do you make?

      xo. M.

      • Gail Keefe says:

        I do different kinds, but this was a special project. A group of ladies is each assigned a part of the Christmas story, and you make 30 ornaments (all the same) that represent that part. I was assigned a candle or light, to show that Jesus is the light of the world. I had a crazy thought in Wal-Mart one night and bought a big roll of bubble wrap. I cut it in sections and rolled the sections to look like a beeswax candle. I used a really strong tape to secure the rolls. Then I bought some foam that was covered in gold glitter and cut out the flames and taped those to the “candles.” Then I attached a loop of ribbon to the back for hanging. I’m not at my house right now, but I’ll try to send you a picture of one.

        This is called the Jesse Tree project. I go Sunday night to meet with everyone, and we exchange the ornaments. Then each of us ends up with a set of all the ornaments. I have a little pink Christmas tree that I keep up all year and decorate different ways, and that’s where I’ll use the ornaments in Dec. I know. I’m a little obsessed with Christmas. *L* And I just developed a thing for that pink tree, so Bill bought it for me.


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