Quite Continental Charm School || Matriculation Day 2013!

31/01/2013 § 1 Comment

Quite Continental Charm School

Great Caesar’s Ghost, it’s January 31!  How on earth did that happen already?  As we get ready to turn the corner on February, you may already know what that means around here – the annual return of Quite Continental Charm School!!

Every year in the month of February, I endeavor bring you a daily tip to generate more class and fabulousness in your everyday life, spanning the topics of fashion, travel, beauty, etiquette, relationships, and whatnot.  Charm School is my modern guide to creating a charmed life, where you learn about things to do, to see, to think about, to taste, to buy, to read, to listen to, and to experience.  And as I definitely don’t claim to have a monopoly on such knowledge, you’ll have a lovely slate of guest instructors, each chosen for their class and fabulousity.

Charm School is my absolute favorite time of year, and I hope you will consider joining us this time around!  For those students who are in need of a bit of a catch-up, you can find the last two years’ lessons below – but don’t you worry, there won’t be any math on this exam.


Day 1: An Attitude of Gratitude

Day 2: Class Up Your Bedroom

Day 3: Get a Library Card
by Stephanie Madewell of even*cleveland

Day 4: A Firm Handshake

Day 5: Winterize Your Skin

Day 6: Be Fashionably Punctual
by Lizzie Garrett Mettler of Tomboy Style

Day 7: The Hostess Gift

Day 8: Your Family Jewels
by Christine Mitchell of N’East Style

Day 9: A Life Lived With Purpose

Day 10: A Proper Foundation
by Sarah of Style On The Couch

Day 11: Travel Elegantly

Day 12: A Proper Lie-in

Day 13: Know Thyself
by Kate Arends of wit + delight

Day 14: Write Love Letters

Day 15: Keep a Travel Journal
by Jen Swetzoff of Parenture

Day 16: Select a Signature Scent
by Anne of Ritournelle

Day 17: Take Your Seasonal Accessories Seriously

Day 18: Date with Great Charm

Day 19: Find Balance
by Jodi Fournier

Day 20: A Proper Lunch

Day 21: Drink More Gin
by Marisa Zupan of The Significant Other

Day 22: Eat Chocolate
by Sarah of Edelweiss by Sarah

Day 23: Go Out and Play

Day 24: Stretch

Day 25: Travel Light

Day 26: How to Score Vintage
by Jahn Hall of BKLYN Dry Goods

Day 27: No Contest

Day 28: Be Enterprising
by Jessica Goldfond of The Shiny Squirrel

Day 29: The Icing


Day 1: Get Your Passport

Day 2: Own a True LBD

Day 3: Social Stationery

Day 4: The Red Lip

Day 5: Keep A Diary

Day 6: Champagne!

Day 7: Give Back

Day 8: Tie a Tie

Day 9: Move It

Day 10: Fresh Flowers

Day 11: Calling Cards

Day 12: Perfect Your Signature

Day 13: Pearls

Day 14: Be Your Own Valentine

Day 15: Wear Pajamas

Day 16: The Trench

Day 17: Thank You Notes

Day 18: Disconnect

Day 19: Try a Bit of High Art

Day 20: Une Bicyclette

Day 21: Fix Your Face

Day 22: Have a Signature Dish

Day 23: Fly Solo

Day 24: Get a Tailor

Day 25: Watch Classic Films

Day 26: Smell Pretty

Day 27: How to Stock a Proper Bar

Day 28: C’est Fini

The Quite Continental Charm School
A modern guide to creating a charmed life

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