Quite Continental Loves: Kari Herer Photography

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Was wandering through my Etsy favorites and noticed that Kari Herer Photography has a few new things available.  I realized I hadn’t yet posted about her lovely collection so I thought that I might show you some of my favorites and admonish you to hop over to her boutique and choose a few for yourself.  She’s simply an amazing artist.

I especially love the photographs of flowers with drawn antlers.

Gorgeous, no?  If you would like to spend a bit more time with her work, do check out her photo blog as well.

Quite Continental Loves: Frédérique Morrel

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‘My Dear’ by Frédérique Morrel

This handsome buck has been sitting in my drafts folder since January, patiently waiting for the day I would find him and share him.  Well, today is that day — mainly because the WSJ reminded me of him over the weekend.  Artist Frédérique Morrel and husband Aaron Levin are at the helm of this quirky design firm that deals mainly in tapestries and antique fabric remnants, with an inclination towards faux-taxidermy (of deer, bulls, rabbits, and people) (yes, people), seating and interesting tabletop accents.

Hop over to Frédérique Morrel for more.  She’s also on FacebookIf you decide to pick up this buck, I’ll be very jealous indeed…

Quite Continental Loves: Janet Hill Studio

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Completely in love with Janet Hill’s work this snowy morning and wanted to share with you!

All images via Janet Hill StudioFrancine And Her Frenchie

My absolute favorite!  Brings together my love of frog dogs, ballet flats, red/navy, pearls, and bicycles with baskets!  J’adore!

The Night Owl

Saturday Morning at Pemberley Flat

A pug, bloody marys, gold baroque frame with a picture of a swan, the union jack, polka dots, tulips, use of red and turquoise: it almost like this is a picture of the inside of my brain!

The Grace Kelly Purse

The Maiden Voyage

Janet Hill’s ladylike prints will be an excellent addition to the walls of my new-for-spring apartment (which I promise I will discuss in fuller detail as the project takes shape).  While I hope that I don’t regret sharing this beautiful artwork (she seems to only have a few of each print – time to buy!), I simply adore the attention to detail and her knack for picking subject matter that appeals to my idiosyncratic taste and using color palettes that have me rushing to paint my walls.  Add to that the fact that her prints on her etsy store are not exceptionally expensive (ranging from $55 to $17).  If you find that is a bit too spendy, her work is also available in card form (on her etsy INK store) which can look just as lovely when placed in a frame.

Bit of background on Ms. Hill from her website:

Janet Hill discovered her passion for painting as a teenager. With the support of her family and teachers, Janet earned a degree in Fine Art from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, where she specialized in oil painting and graduated with honors. Following graduation, she spent several years working in fields unrelated to art. Deeply missing her creative life, she decided to take a leap of faith and paint full-time. She has never looked back.

Janet enjoys painting the beauty of women, interiors, and still-life. Her choice of subject matter ranges from a duchess satin gown to a humble bowl of cereal. She seeks out glamour and beauty in everything that surrounds her. Her work is displayed in private collections throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Janet lives in the beautiful city of Stratford, Ontario, Canada. She paints in a small in-house studio where she lives with her husband John, and their cat and dog.

Don’t be surprised if you see some of these lovely images on my walls, cherie!  And do drop by Janet’s blog when you have a moment!

H/T Sugar Paper

28 Days of Classy and Fabulous Things: Day 19 – Try a Bit of High Art

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**QC’s 28 Days**
In February I will be bringing you daily tips
to cultivate more classiness and fabulousness in daily life!
Image via LIFE, taken in 1958 by Walter Sanders.

Day 19: Try a Bit of High Art
I’m definitely of the opinion that a classy and fabulous life should include exposure to cultural experiences of the sort often referred to as “high culture” or “high art.”  Now, granted, terming specific kinds of art as “high” invites controversy and accusations of elitism.  It is not my intention to require you to snob about and attend the entire season at the PhilharmonicAu contraire! What I am modestly suggesting is that you approach high art with an open mind.  Attend the ballet at least once before deciding you hate it.  Listen to some Shostakovich and a bit of Debussy before deciding you don’t like classical music.  Be willing to experiment and you might be surprised!  (Please note, I am not suggesting that you must only enjoy stuffy baroque operas and oil paintings!  A fabulous and classy life has room for everything, even Gossip Girl.  Maybe not Jersey Shore…)

About six years ago, I had the good fortune to be introduced to the opera by a lovely friend.  I hadn’t had any exposure to the art form, but somehow I already had preconceived notions about what it was like and how much I would (not) enjoy it.  Completely preposterous!  I came away completely in love after my first performance and went on to rush the entire season — even going alone to a few performances!

Skeptical?  Think the opera is all heavyset women with viking hats screaming their heads off?  Mais, non! Witness one of the hottest duos in contemporary opera, Rolando Villazon and Anna Netrebko, preform a selection from Massenet’s Manon, “Toi! Vous!”  Luckily, I was able to see them both perform Manon at the LA Opera.  It was truly amazing!

My point here is not to merely sell you on going to the opera (do try it!) but to illustrate that your preconceived notions about “high art” might be as wrong as mine were about the opera.  And you’ll never know until you try.  Expanding your cultural horizons pure class.  Besides, what could be more fabulous than attending an opening night or a black tie gala?

Earlier: Quite Continental’s 28 Days of Classy and Fabulous Things

Impossible Choice: Paris or New York?

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After discovering Paris vs New York, a tally of two cities, I am excitedly making plans for a select set of purchases to decorate my NYC pied-à-terre! (Okay okay, fine, it’s not a pied-à-terre since I live there all the time, but it is on the smallish and cozyish side, like a proper pied-à-terre.  So there.)

Artist Vahram Muratyan is the creator of a visually engaging series of images that draw cheeky comparisons between the two great cities (le snack, le journal, la facade, etc.,) and a select few are available for purchase at the online shop.  As someone who has been carrying around a Metro ticket from her last Paris trip, Muratyan’s images have me wistful to repeat it…and yet I’m feeling very competitive about the wonderful city where I make my home!  The solution?  Un pied-à-terre à Paris, bien sûr!

Some of my favorites are below.  Be sure to drop by his blog to see what else he comes up with!

H/T: because i’m addicted

Dior Illustrated: René Gruau and the Line of Beauty

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While I was in London, I had the good fortune to catch the René Gruau exhibition at the Somerset House.  If you are able to make it there before it closes, you must go!  Gruau was a renowned fashion illustrator who was a creative collaborator and close friend of Christian Dior.  Gruau’s campaigns for the Dior perfumes are among his most notable work as an artist.  Gruau’s style was modern, elegant and frequently a bit mischievous.  His haute couture illustrations for the pages of magazines like Marie Claire, Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar changed the way that fashion designers and their designs were publicized.  Today’s fashion editorials owe a deep debt to illustrators like Gruau.

Unfortunately photography was forbidden inside, but the Somerset House has posted a brief film about the exhibition, which is the first showing of Gruau’s work in London.

Runs through Jan 9.
Somerset House – Strand London WC2R 1LA – Tel: +44 (0)20 7845 4600

Dom Perignon + Andy Warhol

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Dom Perignon will release a very limited edition of bottles honoring the master pop artist Andy Warhol.  Six different bottles will be released, wearing labels identical to the iconic Dom label, but in bright, pop art colors — blue, red, violet, emerald green, lilac and yellow.

If it’s your mission to add these to your bar, you had better book your ticket to Spain now — because that’s the only place you can get them.

Via: Luxuo

Igor + Andre: Frida Gustavsson – Vogue Germany

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Absolutely dazzled by this piece by Igor + Andre.  Electric.

See this and a million other gorgeous things on their site here.

Fotos: d’Orsay

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