QC Loves: Summer Camp

07/11/2011 § 1 Comment

I just discovered the amazing British band Summer Camp via Charlie and Caroline’s Blog (they are the delightful couple behind the lovely British homewares store Pedlars, which I discovered on my last trip to London — do check out both the blog and the shop!), and I’m completely obsessed.  Jeremy Warmsley and Elizabeth Sankey have put together a great set of  80s-infused, synth-y pop tracks for their debut album Welcome to Condale, which is out today.

  Better Off Without You

  Round The Moon


It’s about to be on constant repeat on ye old iPod.  Sorry, neighbors.  Or maybe I mean you’re welcome…

Sidenote: Definitely do stop by the Summer Camp site if you have a moment.  It’s great.

I Left My Heart…

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Dear San Francisco,

I know I’ve said in the past that I never really liked you.
But I think — maybe — that this trip I’m on is changing my mind.
(Los Angeles, please don’t be jealous.)


Boys. Beards. Guitars.

04/10/2011 § 1 Comment

Roo Panes ~ I’ll Move Mountains
Roo is the latest offering from Burberry Acoustic.

Ryan Bingham ~ Hallelujah

Ray LaMontagne ~ Shelter/Hold You In My Arms

Sam Beeton ~ My Doll
Sam is also a Burberry Acoustic alum.

Ben Carroll ~ Precious, Precious
Ok, so it’s more of a soul patch…

Sounds of Summer: Beirut ~ Goshen

26/08/2011 § 1 Comment

These days I am majorly obsessed with Beirut’s long-awaited third album, The Rip Tide, and this song, “Goshen,” is easily my favorite.

Not familiar with Beirut?  You can listen to the entire album here, and if you’re in New York, you can catch them twice in September at Terminal 5.  I’ll be there, singing along to every song.

Sounds of Summer: The Civil Wars ~ Forget Me Not

01/08/2011 § 1 Comment

Just realized that my love for The Civil Wars has been confined to my Tumblr and I wanted to rectify that.  How adorable are they?  More than a little obsessed with this duo.  If you haven’t already picked up their album, do take care of that as soon as possible.

Sounds of Summer: Edith Piaf ~ La vie en rose

26/07/2011 § 2 Comments

I am feeling a bit like a Francophile these days…  Whether it is because of my near constant playing of La Môme Piaf, the fact that I just read this book, because I loved this film, or a bad case of New York City summer blues, I can’t be sure.  But my guess is that it is a combination of them all.

While La vie en rose is undoubtedly her signature song (to see a lovely clip of her singing it live, go here), my favorite Piaf song of the moment is Les prisons du Roy (which I could only find here as part of some kind of odd lip-synch performance in the 90s — don’t watch, just listen).  It is as beautiful as it is haunting.  I love how dramatic her voice is.

New to Madame Piaf?  This album is a good starting point.

Sounds of Summer: Carlos Gardel ~ Volver

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Currently listening to this collection of Carlos Gardel songs, nonstop.  Argentine tango music from the 1920s by the master.

The best part is that the mp3 recordings are from records.  The hiss, the crackle, the magic is there…

Sounds of Summer: Yeah Yeah Yeahs ~ Maps

23/06/2011 § 4 Comments

“Wait, they don’t love you like I love you…”

The lovely Karen O has me contemplating bangs yet again.  What do we think…?


Sounds of Summer: Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong ~ Summertime (from Porgy and Bess)

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Sounds of Summer: The Rolling Stones ~ Wild Horses

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“Everyone always says this was written about Marianne but I don’t think it was; that was all well over by then. But I was definitely very inside this piece emotionally.”Mick Jagger

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