Featured: Quite Continental on Two Inch Cuffs – “Home Film | Heritage Football”

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Just wanted to share the video from the Two Inch Cuffs feature.

Please do not judge my football skills by these few minutes, as I was taking it easy so I wouldn’t embarrass the boys.  Obviously.

Featured: Quite Continental on Two Inch Cuffs ~ “Weekend Reel | Heritage”

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Image via Two Inch Cuffs

Just a short note to let you know I’ve been featured elsewhere on the interwebs!  Recently I spent an enjoyable Sunday afternoon with the Two Inch Cuffs crew shooting a catalog spread featuring shirts by Gitman Vintage (btw ladies, if you remember my recent post on finding the perfect button-down, I would definitely add Gitman Vintage to the list).  My partners in crime were Taj Reed and Seamus Boyle, with photographer Evan Tetreault behind the lens.  Concept and direction were handled by Ruben Hughes.

Now, I did say we spent the afternoon “shooting,” but it really felt like we were just hanging around, making jokes and enjoying the summer weather (I will readily admit that I made more successful jokes than throws of the football).  I also managed to win a dollar off of Seamus on a rather off-color bet.  I’d tell you what it was, but I wouldn’t want to offend anyone’s delicate sensibilities…

To see the full spread, head here.

Featured: Quite Continental on Tomboy Style

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Just a short note to let you know I’ve been featured elsewhere on the interwebs today.  When the lovely Lizzie Garrett, the kickass lady behind Tomboy Style, asked if I’d like to do a Q&A for her, I leapt at the chance.  To be included among amazing women such as Julia Leach of Chance, Emerson Fry of EmersonMade, Kate Jones of Ursa Major and Lizzie’s own mother, was a complete honor and a lot of fun.  If you haven’t visited Tomboy Style yet, you must do post-haste.  It is a daily stop for me for inspiration, and I know that you will love what Lizzie does as much as I.

As for my A’s to Lizzie’s Q’s, head here to find out what my current obsessions are, my favorite quality in a man, what fictional character I most identify with, and a few other random items from my brain.

Featured: Quite Continental on The Shiny Squirrel

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Just a note to let you know Yours Truly has been featured elsewhere in the le interwebs today!  The lovely Jessica, curator and editrix of the thoroughly arty site The Shiny Squirrel was gracious enough to ask me to participate in her “Things I Love…” series.  Of course I was exceptionally honored, as I find her site to be a veritable treasure trove of inspiration, photography, art, fashion and — especially! — accessories.  Case in point: her gorge octopus ring by Digby & Iona (that I am still scheming to steal!)

What did I choose?  Suffice it to say my loves are a mixed bag, indeed.  They include a classic truck, a certain bad boy, a certain brash lady, a place in the sun, and my favorite fabric.  Any guesses as to what they might be?  Head here to see.

Featured: Quite Continental on Two Inch Cuffs ~ “Carmen Jones: Rebellious Bird”

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Image via Twentieth Century Fox

“Carmen Jones: Rebellious Bird”

Happy to share with you my first piece as Culture Contributor for the online style guide Two Inch Cuffs, cherie.  I’ve chosen my Spring 2011 Fashion Muse, and she is Dorothy Dandridge as Carmen in Carmen Jones (1954).

Head here for a discussion that includes mention of: spring fever, historic firsts, the opera, Miucca Prada, The Hill-Side, Georges Bizet, wanton hedonism, colorblocking, LIFE Magazine, and floral pocket squares.  Yes, really.  All that and a darling Prada bag of chips, no?

Dat’s Love ~ Carmen Jones (1954)

Music: Habanera by Georges Bizet
Libretto: Oscar Hammerstein II

My lovely 1954 Dandridge edition of LIFE Magazine.

Be sure to head here to read the feature on Two Inch Cuffs.

Featured: Quite Continental on Two Inch Cuffs

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Images via Two Inch Cuffs. (No, this is not my child.)

Just a quick note to let you know that Yours Truly has been featured on the innovative online style catalog Two Inch Cuffs.  I spent a lovely afternoon with creative director Ruben Hughes on the Upper West and East Sides talking personal style, shopping secrets, inspiration and gelato.  As a new contributor, I’m very much looking forward to working with the Cuff Culture Team this spring!

Did you already know I wear a watch that doesn’t work?  No?  Well, head over to Two Inch Cuffs for the Q&A and photos, post haste!

Featured: Quite Continental on Widespread

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Just a quick note to let you know that Yours Truly has been featured as a guest blogger on the lovely lifestyle site Widespread.  Widespread is curated by the fabulous Maya, whose taste and style are second to none.  From her delightful recipes, to her great playlists, to the lovely pictures of her nephew, I am always pleasantly surprised whenever I check in with Maya.  (I may also be slightly biased because she is a California girl, like myself.  Shhhhh!)

For Widespread, I was given the opportunity to discuss the “Little Luxuries” in my life.  Any guess as to what they might be?  I’ll give you a few helpful hints.  They involve: Holly Golightly’s interior decorating style, standing in a line on Little Santa Monica in 2005, Brazilians, and a very rare “resurrection flower.”  See my Little Luxuries for Widespread here.

Featured: Quite Continental on Le Choix Trois

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Just a quick snippet to let you know that Yours Truly has been featured this past weekend!  I’m completely honored to have been asked by Esther, the editrix of the fabulous fashion site Le Choix Trois, to answer a very difficult question: “If you were never to see your wardrobe again, but could save three things, what would you save and why?”

Any guesses as to what my answers might be?  See them here.

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