In Memoriam, Inspired: November

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Nov17 Nov2 Nov3 Nov4 Nov21 Nov5 Nov25 Nov24 Nov6 Nov12 Nov16 Nov27 Nov7 Nov8 Nov1 Nov11 Nov13 Nov20 Nov18 Nov14 Nov19 Nov10 117237799.jpg Nov22 Nov26 Nov28Some of my favorite images from my Tumblr during the month of November.

In Memoriam, Inspired: October

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Oct15 Oct16 oct21 Oct2 Oct12 Oct4 Oct1 Oct13 Oct5 Oct19 Oct8 oct20 Oct9 Oct3 Oct11 Oct10 Oct18 Oct17 Oct7Inspiration from the month of October from my Tumblr.

In Memoriam, Inspired: August

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QC In Memoriam: August QC In Memoriam: August QC In Memoriam: August QC In Memoriam: August QC In Memoriam: August QC In Memoriam: August QC In Memoriam: August QC In Memoriam: August

QC In Memoriam: August QC In Memoriam: August QC In Memoriam: August QC In Memoriam: August QC In Memoriam: August QC In Memoriam: August QC In Memoriam: August QC In Memoriam: August QC In Memoriam: August QC In Memoriam: August QC In Memoriam: August QC In Memoriam: August QC In Memoriam: August QC In Memoriam: August QC In Memoriam: August QC In Memoriam: August Inspiration from the month of August from my Tumblr.  The grey weather today in New York definitely influenced the palette and assortment of images, but it also felt like an appropriate tone for bidding farewell to summer.

On the Docket: Half the Sky

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Tonight, I definitely recommend you watch the second part of the Half the Sky documentary on PBS at 9pm.  Half the Sky, a transmedia project dedicated to transforming oppression into opportunity for women worldwide, turns its eye on 10 countries around the globe and confronts the issues of sex trafficking, forced prostitution, gender-based violence and discrimination and maternal morality with scalable solutions in the forms of health care, education and economic empowerment.  Part one aired last night, but you can stream it on the PBS website here, through October 8.

Stemming from the book by the same name written by journalists Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn, the documentary shares the heart-breaking and inspiring stories of remarkable individuals around the world who persevere against daunting socioeconomic obstacles to better the lives of women and girls.  I personally learned of the project via Olivia Wilde, who is a celebrity advocate for Half the Sky and was an emcee at the Global Citizen Festival that I attended in Central Park over the weekend, where I had the opportunity to see documentary stars Edna Adan and Urmi Basu speak in person about their amazing work.  It is an important, thoughtful movement and I urge you to find a way to get involved.

To learn more please visit Half the Sky.

Open & Notorious Organization

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There’s something I love about organization on display, be it a closet, a curio, a bar cart, a gallery wall, whatever — a thoughtful and artistic arrangement of a collection of items will always draw my eye.  I don’t mean to say that one should be a pack-rat, but there is definitely something about spaces where everything is all put away that just seems…sterile.  Vanilla.  Impersonal.  Granted, to pull off some of the scenes in these pictures, you’d need a rather deep assortment of stuff and whatnot….and quite a bit of space to display it all, but why couldn’t you start small?  A few books here, a small grouping of nick-knacks there, and you’re definitely on your way.

For organizational inspiration, a few images from my House & Home board on Pinterest, and a few furniture ideas (yes, I know, pricey indeed — I’ll personally be using them for guidance while I scour eBay and Craigslist for cheaper options).  One of my very favorite spaces is the Manhattan apartment of Michael Haney and Brooke Cundiff, which was shot by Todd Selby last year — definitely check it out.  Aside from getting to take a peek into their envy-inducing home, there are several interesting vignettes and arrangements that are bound to spark an idea or three.

Happy organizing!

From top:
French directoire style ebonized curio cabinet by Jansen (1940s)
Hollywood Regency gilt bamboo etagere (1950s)
Glass sided vitrine (1920s)

From top left:
Belgian metal and glass cabinet (1940s)
Metal cabinet with glass
Industrial steel wire racks on casters

From top left:
English oak barrister bookcase (1890s)
Vintage industrial bar cart
Raw vintage locker (1950s)
Verge cabinet with glass doors

From top:
Pair of steel barrister bookcases (1940s)
Indian metal sideboard with 4 doors
Vintage console

Lastly, if you noticed the adverse possession joke I snuck
into the title of this post, I’d like to salute you, fellow law nerd…

Real Property Lust || Eccentric King George

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“Harriet’s projects stitch together restoration and classic modern design; the 20’s hang out with the Edwardians, everyone is invited, just as long as you are well turned out. Her confidence and her playful nature with design allows rooms to be fun without the ridiculous, smart without dullness and most importantly a place you would want to be.” [via]

When the past is engaged in an active dialogue with the present, you already know my interest is piqued.  Here, the mid-19th century late Georgian home of designer Harriet Anstruther in London successfully honors its architectural origins without a slavish adherence to Georgian decor, creating a statement home that feels fresh, yet nostalgic — and is completely personal.  What I love about this space is its successful and seamless blending of so many different sources of inspiration without the sacrifice of comfort or personality.  Neither a stuffy museum nor a stark exercise in modernism, its soaring white walls immediately call to mind a gallery space, a context helped along by the family’s art collection.  Some of my favorite touches include the Penguin watercolor, the crystal chandeliers, the black stripes of the upholstery, the magenta skylight in the shower and — above all — the fire bucket sink and the Fornasetti wallpaper in the bathroom.  Hello, lover.

Whereas our last discussion on interiors encouraged me to mix up my sources (IKEA vs. antique finds), I really like how this home illustrates a successful mingling of very different aesthetics.  It’s got me inspired…and eying the Harper sofa by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams.  Thoughts?

All images via T Magazine.

Real Property Lust || Sweet and High/Lowdown

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While it remains one of my absolute favorite pastimes to meander through the rich imagery of high-end design magazines and websites (for which my House & Home board on Pinterest has become an essential accompaniment), I personally am not yet a member of that rarefied club that can actually purchase such luxury items.  Please note the “yet”!  That said, I still think there is plenty of inspiration to be had by looking at gorgeous places (like the East Village apartment of Ralph Lauren Executive VP Alfredo Parades that I found over on Habitually Chic today — swoon!)  for lower-budget households like my own.  But what is absolute tops, is finding a home that is decorated not only in an aesthetic that I appreciate, but also with furnishings within the reach of my own pocketbook.

Whilst my head did explode upon my initial view of this lovely home, featured on Skona Hem, with its empire touches and rustic feel, it exploded a second time after I translated the text and discovered that this home had been furnished with a combination of antique treasures and new purchases from Ikea.  Ikea, people!  Does this not give you hope that with a little eBay stalking, flea market wandering and a trip to your local Ikea, you too could have such an amazing nest?

Big items from Ikea include the canopied bed and the couch. Really love the restrained palette here, which calls to my mind sepia photographs, and the open storage of the china, in varying shades of off-white.  The space is a hodge podge, but one with continuity.

In fact, I’m rather ashamed to admit that I thought Ikea didn’t really have anything to offer me, other than picture frames and Swedish meatballs. Obviously, I need to take the water taxi to Red Hook and put my creative hat on.  I also must mention another source I’ve recently come across that is oriented toward affordable decor: Copy Cat Chic.  Best part?  When founder Reichel chooses a high-end home item (rug, chair, lamp, etc.) and then finds a virtually identical, more affordable item.

What about you?
Got any secret decor sources you’d be willing to share with me?

Rabbit Hole: Yasmin Le Bon for Ralph Lauren Fall 1985

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I know this campaign is nearly 30 years old and all, but can someone please invent a time machine and bring me back every single thing Yasmin Le Bon is wearing in these photos from the 1985 Ralph Lauren fall campaign?  The pleated stirrup pant, the paisley scarf and the herringbone duster are the most urgently needed items, if you have to prioritize.  Many thanks.

All images via the Style Registry.

Study: Deco State of Mind

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Ralph Lauren Home Fall 2011: One Fifth Collection

I found myself in an Art Deco sort of mood this week.  While sometimes a bit too glamourpuss for my taste, Art Deco’s simultaneous obsessions with luxury, eclecticism and aerodynamic lines are always alluring to me.  I’m just not confident I could live completely surrounded by it.  This notion was seriously challenged when I happened upon the Fall 2011 One Fifth Collection by Ralph Lauren Home.

All images via Ralph Lauren Home.

A new look indeed from Ralph Lauren Home.  I expected duck decoys, plaid and burnished leather (nothing wrong with that, mind you!), but I received a dramatic pairing of black and gold, chevron patterns and sleek piles of velvet and fur.  However, I suppose this departure from de rigueur should have come as no surprise once you reflect upon Mr. Lauren’s glorious Spring 2012 collection.  Interestingly though, where Collection Spring 2012 was weightless shimmers and light, Home Fall 2011 is solidly, albeit luxuriously, grounded — jewel-box deco.

If you’d like to peruse the One Fifth collection, head here.

The Great Gatsby at the Washington Ballet.

It seems Mr. Lauren and I are not the only ones with the 1920s on the brain.  This last weekend the Washington Ballet revived Septime Webre’s production of The Great Gatsby, an original ballet based on the Fitzgerald novel set to live 1920s jazz, for a short run.  Looking at the production stills, I kick myself for not hearing about this sooner and making my way down to DC to see it.  I’m hopeful they’ll bring it back in short order.

Doesn’t this look great?!?  So jealous.

All images via Washington Post.

I’ve decided the best way to comfort myself for missing out on the ballet, is to head over to the Brooklyn Museum to catch the new exhibit Youth and Beauty: Art of the American Twenties.  Featuring 140 works by artists including Aaron Douglas, Edward Hopper, Georgia O’Keeffe, Alfred Stieglitz, and Edward Weston, the exhibit examines how American artists represented the Jazz Age.  I’m going this weekend, but if you happen to attend on the evening of 17 November, there is a free live jazz performance.  Find more details here.

Brooklyn Museum
200 Eastern Parkway
Brooklyn, New York 11238-6052

The  Chrysler Building.  Classic New York Deco.

{A Few Bold Pretties} Interior Inspiration: 1stdibs Wishlist and Indiscreet (1958)

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I have been finding interior inspiration in all sorts of places lately.  I am loving dramatic lines, bright colors, luxurious fabrics and exotic hides, cherie, and I have been thinking about one of my favorite films, Indiscreet (1958), starring Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant.  Indiscreet is a lovely film about a famous actress (Bergman) who has given up on the hope of finding and marrying her true love.  She then completely falls in love with a suave American business man (Grant) who leads her to believe he is married, when he in fact is not.  The truth is discovered and hi-jinks result.  It’s a completely lovely film, but the reason my bold interior inclinations have reminded me of Indiscreet is because of the gorgeous living room of Bergman’s London apartment.

Completely in love with the mixing of modern art, bright colors, classic shapes and obvious luxury.  You can see a wonderful little clip of Grant and Bergman in white tie attire engage in a bit of witty repartee in the darling living room here. (Bergman’s best quote: “I like a man with a glass in his hand, it’s becoming.“)

I’ll also include the following clip, not only because you can see a good deal of the living room, but mainly for the following quotes:  “Oh, shut up!” “How dare he make love to me and not be a married man!” And of course, “Daaaamn!”

My mind is being drawn on a colorful, glamorous safari and I’ve got a bad case of spring fever, most definitely!  I think some bold pretty things are essential for le maison, and I have been stalking the treasures on 1stdibs for ideas.  Yes, the beauties below are definitely spendy — hence I’ve placed them in my inspiration files and not on my shopping list — but I’ve also included some less expensive “real life alternatives” alongside my finds below to help kick start your creative flow.

All images via 1stdibs

Vintage dream: Hollywood Regency chairs in gorgeous striped silk

Real life alternative: Reupholster a Craigslist find

Vintage dream: Bronze sea horse from the front of a Venetian gondola

Real life alternative: Cast iron horse bust


Vintage dream: Billy Haines faux-bamboo mirror

Real life alternative: Vintage faux-bamboo mirror

Vintage dream: Zebra ottoman

Real life alternative: Zebra stenciled cowhide rug

Vintage dream: Pineapple lamps

Real life alternative: Shiny chrome lamp base


Vintage dream: Art Deco clock

Real life alternative: Art Deco clock

Vintage dream: Antique crocodile trunk

Real life alternative: Vintage steamer trunk

Vintage dream: 19th century Chinese porcelain vases

Real life alternative: Hand painted Chinese vase

Do you have a few bold pretties?  Where did you find yours?

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