On Evolutions and Dead Sharks

11/01/2014 § 1 Comment

“Have you discontinued your blog?”

Here we are, 2014.  I started this blog in July of 2010 without any real idea why I was doing it and what I wanted to write about.  Fast forward 3.5 years later, and I find myself in a completely different place personally, professionally and I wholeheartedly admit that I didn’t tend this blog in 2013 as well as I did in the past.  I can proffer plenty of explanations: I’m much more visually focused these days and spend the lion’s share of my time on Instagram and Tumblr; with all the transitions I’ve experienced in the last 12 months I’ve felt less inclined to talk as much and have had markedly less time to search the internets for cool stuff to share with you; I haven’t been using my camera quite as much; blah blah blah BLAH.

What it comes down to, and what I hope you will understand, is that my desire for expression and my focus, continue to evolve.  I very much appreciate those of you who have noticed my increased silence and sporadic posting, and also those of you who have said something.  I’m still here, I assure you.  I really admire those of my blogging cohort who just keep cranking it out — their drive is a constant inspiration to me.

So what now?

For 2014, I’m resolving to try my best, guys.  I’m taking to heart a quote from one of my favorite movies, Annie Hall: “A relationship, I think, is like a shark. It has to constantly move forward or it dies. I think what we’ve got on our hands is a dead shark.”  The shark has stopped moving lately, and I’m prepared to change that.  And it was comments and emails like the one at the top of this post that snapped me out of this slumber, so I want to thank ya’ll for that.  It was nice to know you missed me.  I missed you too.

Onward and upward!
M. xx

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Disappearing Acts

10/06/2013 § 4 Comments


Alright Mariah, where exactly have you gone off to this time?

It’s true, I’ve been a neglectful parent these past few weeks.  I can blame it on any myriad of things: my recent move to SoHo, the way that NYC truly blossoms in summery weather — and how amazing it is to enjoy it, a bit of travel, a bit of increased focus on my Tumblr as of late, etc. etc. etc.

But really, what has been taking up the majority of my time over the past two weeks is the fact that I’ve recently made a career change and joined the team at Harvey Faircloth as Brand Manager — which I am over the moon about!  It’s a really great womenswear brand that I look forward to discussing with you in the near future.  Of course, it goes without saying that this blog remains a place for my personal viewpoints, not for those of my employer, and whenever I discuss Harvey I will makes sure to disclose my connection to the brand, as I strive to do whenever business and blogging cross paths.

That said, I’m really excited to make this transition and I hope you will forgive my recent silence.  I’ve got a few things in the queue that I have been meaning to share with you for forever — like, ahem, the 10 remaining Charm School Posts?  Yes, it’s true, I’m a horrendous slacker as of late — I promise to get cracking.  Please don’t make me write any standards.  Standards!  When was the last time I thought about that?!?

xoxo. M.

Après Sandy

30/10/2012 § 2 Comments

Just a quick note to let you know that I am safe and sound after Sandy passed through New York last night.  The city definitely feels like it is reeling from a massive shock.  I had been forced to evacuate from my apartment on Sunday because I live in one of the low lying areas (my building’s lobby is still currently flooded), but as it turned out, I needed to relocate again today, due to the massive power outage in Manhattan below 34th Street and the fact that we lost water and cell phone service as well.  I have since settled into my old neighborhood — and quasi-ancestral homeland — The Upper East Side.

After being plunged into the dark last night when power was lost, and with virtually no way of hearing the news, my friends and I settled in for an eerily zen-like few hours by candlelight, while Sandy howled outside.  Being in the middle of a huge event, without any access to the outside world, was disconcerting and I am thankful that I was with friends.

By now you have probably seen the devastating pictures of the damage.  If you would like to help, I urge you to make a donation to the American Red Cross.

I hope you are safe and well, wherever you are.

Oh Sandy

29/10/2012 § Leave a comment

A very sandy kitty dealing with Hurricane Hazel.
Taken in Wilmington, North Carolina, 1954 by Hank Walker.

So this hurricane stuff is getting to be a yearly thing, it seems — me, having to scamper from my home in Lower Manhattan, for higher and drier ground elsewhere in the city.  Such is the life of a Zone A resident.  In any event, please rest assured that I am safe and sound and will be riding out Hurricane Sandy with good friends in a more favorable Zone. To earn my keep I’ve brought an armful of glossy magazines and Auntie Mame, and have been on round-the-clock hot toddy duty.  One must have priorities, clearly.

Please do your best to be safe in the storm, East Coasters.

All best,

Some helpful links:
NYC Office of Emergency Management Evacuation Zone Finder
National Weather Service
Downtown Alliance – Lower Manhattan
Red Cross Go Bag Checklist

Your theme song, courtesy of Danny Zuko:

Bird’s Eye

18/04/2012 § 2 Comments

Even though I did manage to snap these pictures on a business trip this week,
I have been chasing my tail a bit, so I hope you’ll excuse my recent silence…

A few tidbits I’ve enjoyed in the meantime:

Video treats: a very whimsical Hermès “Petit H”
and a snippet from A.Y. NOT DEAD F/W 2012 featuring Dree! Hemingway!;

Opinion: What Mad Men Shows About American Pop Culture
“The 40-Year Itch” by Adam Gopnik {via The New Yorker}

Endorsed: the ladylike naughtiness of the Mimi Holliday by Damaris
Sea Breeze lace thong {via Net-a-Porter};

Men’s style file: Dean at his best {via A Headlong Dive}
and Jackie Robinson off the field {via To Take the Train};

Aesthetics: a rumination on stripes {via Little Augury};

Travel: a Tuscan farmhouse I must. visit. immediately. {via Designtripper}; and

Just finished: Bright Lights, Big City — so NYC in the 80s, so excellent.

Back in two shakes of a lamb’s tail, promise.
xoxo.  M.

Gone Sailing

01/03/2012 § 3 Comments

15 September 1962  The President and Mrs. Kennedy view the first of the 1962 America’s Cup races aboard the USS Joseph P. Kennedy Jr., off Newport, Rhode Island.  Photograph by Robert Knudsen, White House, in the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston.

Okay, I’m not really going sailing, even though I wish I was.  Actually, I just wanted to let you know that I would be taking a little break through the weekend to celebrate putting an amazing February in the books and to recharge a bit with March in mind.  I will be lurking about on Twitter (@MariahKunkel) and Instagram (@QuiteContinental), but normal posting on here will resume on Monday, March 5.  Can you believe it’s already March!?!  Ack!

In the meantime:

catch up on the your Charm School lessons,

learn about how Santa Maria Novella makes all of their amazing products at their factory in Firenze via Jamie’s photo tour,

visit Madame X in the new American Wing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art,

check out the online sample sale Marisa curated for Huckberry,

peruse Ryan’s gorgeous photos from his recent trip to Hawaii, a place near and dear to my heart,

dine on innovative Korean cuisine in TriBeCa,

view Lord Nelson in a variety of famous death scenes, and/or

Cartier will unveil L’Odyssée de Cartier, a short film detailing the bauble-maker’s history and influence through the years on March 2 — see it here.

Keep in touch!

For Serious, Matilda.

22/02/2012 § 8 Comments

Taken by Nina Leen, 1947.

There is no real reason I selected this picture, other than for its awesomeness.  I like to call it: “This hat and I are about to kick your ass in bridge.  For serious, Matilda.”

Today, I am getting serious about Lent, though.  I’m not especially religious, nor am I a Catholic (I’m actually a lapsed Episcopalian), but every Lenten season, I like to challenge myself to give up something.  For those unaware, Lent runs from Ash Wednesday (today) through Easter Sunday; 40 days in total.  For Christians it is a period of penitence, of giving up certain luxuries and of fasting.

Am I turning into a Sunday School blog? Hardly.

But I do think the concept of penitence is applicable universally, no matter what altar you choose to worship at.  A 40 day period is a great amount of time to reflect upon yourself, your personal habits and things you might want to change.  To abstain from some of your bad habits for 40 days will take some willpower.  I once managed to convince a very unhappy Mister to give up booze with me, rough going indeed, but we survived.  They say it takes only 30 days to cement a new habit, so why not seize upon the season to make some purposeful changes?

What I will attempt to give up for the next 40 days:

  • The snooze button.  You will be profoundly missed!
  • Those delightful bacon, egg and cheese bagel sandwiches I’m very fond of
  • …and dairy in general, for that matter.
  • Passive negativity

What about you?

Sidenote: Would you believe this is my **600th** post?  In the spirit of gratitude, I wanted to send a big thank you to all of my followers, old and new.  I hope you understand how much I really appreciate your reading and comments and emails and sharing of this silly little blog.

You guys are the absolute tops.
xoxo. M.

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Afield: South America

18/11/2011 § Leave a comment

Evita, 1946.

Very excited to jet off to South America this morning!  Looking forward to adventuring in a new hemisphere (which — luckily — happens to be quite warm this time of year).  Things will be a bit quieter around here for a bit, but I assure you I will be back in two shakes, recharged, refreshed and full of stories.

Of course, you can always reach me via email at contact@quitecontinental.netSuggestions welcome!  What should I be doing in Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay? — or you can also follow my shenanigans in realtime via Twitter.

Evita and Juan Peron, 1946.

Images via the LIFE Archives.

Afield: California

10/10/2011 § 2 Comments

I hadn’t mentioned on here that I would be in California this week because I was hoping to surprise my Dad and he happens to read this thing.  I’m happy to report that he was completely surprised.  I’m very excited that this week will find me in Los Angeles, Big Sur, San Francisco, and a few additional stops along the way.  I’ll be visiting new places, old favorites and meeting friends old and new, so things will be a little quieter around here.

In the meantime, you can find me:
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And if you have any suggestions about things I must see or do,
please do send them along!

Come On Irene…

26/08/2011 § 3 Comments

Hurricane Donna, New England, 1960.

You’ve probably heard that New York is expecting Hurricane Irene to touch down sometime this weekend and generally wreak havoc.  My gorgeous landmarked building, standing since 1908 and a 9/11 survivor, sits in a low-lying area of lower Manhattan and I have been ordered to evacuate.  In an unprecedented move, all public transit will be shut down Saturday at noon and is not expected to come back online until sometime Monday…AND THEY HAVE CLOSED SAKS FIFTH AVENUE!

As this is my first ever hurricane, I’m not quite sure what to expect, but I am decamping from my downtown perch for points further north to batten down the hatches and ride this bad bitch out.  I do believe that’s the first time I’ve ever cussed on here.  Irene, stop playing with my emotions!  You’ve got me all worked up!

Please do your best to stay safe this weekend.
I’ll be back in two shakes of a lamb’s tail, I assure you.

All bests,

Some helpful links (I’ve been obsessively checking):
NYC Office of Emergency Management Evacuation Zone Finder
National Weather Service
Downtown Alliance – Lower Manhattan
Red Cross Go Bag Checklist

In any event, this is your theme song for the weekend:

I know, I KNOW, it’s Eileen…

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