Wolverine 1000 Mile Collection by Samantha Pleet F/W ’12 Lookbook (Styled by Me!)

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It’s here!

Very happy to share with you some of the looks I created for the Wolverine 1000 Mile Collection by Samantha Pleet F/W ’12 Lookbook!  As I mentioned in my behind-the-scenes post last week, the lookbook features an amazing collection of shoes by the lovely Brooklyn designer Samantha Pleet for Wolverine 1000 Mile, an American footwear company that has been in existence since 1883.  Based in Rockford, Michigan, Wolverine 1000 Mile is probably best known for their handsome workboots, worn by the hardworking people who built America’s railroads, highways and skyscrapers.

It is the first full-range shoe collection designed by Samantha Pleet, who best known for her whimsical apparel collections that frequently feature menswear-inspired details.  Her venture into footwear is especially apropos, considering her genealogy, with a great-grandmother who owned a shoe store and a grandfather who was a shoemaker.  The shoes made their debut at New York Fashion Week, at Samantha’s runway show, to great success.

I was ecstatic to be brought onboard to style the lookbook!  Working closely with Samantha and the great folks at Wolverine, I created a collection of looks inspired by the same amazing group of women who inspired Samantha’s designs.  Composed of vintage clothing from the amazing guys at Brooklyn Dry Goods, gorgeous accessories supplied by The Shiny Squirrel, some of Samantha’s own designs and even some of my own vintage pieces, I hoped to show how versatile the Wolverine 1000 Mile Collection by Samantha Pleet can be.

And, if I may quote myself (weird, sorry!) from the lookbook:

It was important to me to honor the spirit of adventure and independence and while creating looks for the modern woman, no matter if her adventures take her on safari in Kenya or on the subway downtown to the office.  As a girl who wears men’s shoes on occasion, I really love the subtlety of the Samantha Pleet x Wolverine 1K Mile collection.  Samantha doesn’t simply design men’s shoes for women, she combines the best of both worlds and has created something nuanced, nostalgic, but completely modern.

Last, but certainly not least, I had the privilege of working with the exceptionally talented photographer Mikael Kennedy, who took these amazing photographs.

Head here to view the lookbook!
I hope you like it!  I would love to hear your comments!

The Blixen boot.

Karen Blixen is the fearless romantic, the Out of Africa writer who left her native Denmark to establish a coffee plantation in Kenya.  When I think of Karen, I think of genteel safaris, of imported finery in the wilderness, with plenty of khaki and well-worn leather.  As I mixed vintage pieces with Samantha’s designs I felt as Karen must have, pairing romance with rough-and-tumble.  For the Blixen boot, I wanted each of these sides to show through – with one look reading more conventionally feminine and the other a bit more tomboyish.

The Earhart boot.

Amelia Earhart is travel personified.  She wanted to go everywhere, see everything – an adventurer for adventure’s sake.  When I think of Amelia, what immediately comes to mind are the trappings of an aviator, e.g., fleece-collared bombers and silk scarves, two of her personal signatures.  Here we stayed very close to Amelia’s own aesthetic, but the look is softened a silk blouse and romantic hair.

The Nesbit boot.

Evelyn Nesbit is the chameleon.  From humble beginnings, she reinvented herself as a chorus girl, actress and muse – so I really wanted to show versatile the beautiful kiltie boots she inspired Samantha to create.

The Nesbit oxford.

The Nesbit kiltie oxford is a true year-round, day-to-night shoe that will take you from the office, to the weekend, and everywhere in between.  The tomboy in me loves their dandy details with a dress or with cuffed trousers and no socks.

The Bonny boot.

Anne Bonny is a woman to be reckoned with, as she was one of the most infamous female pirates in history.  For this look I embraced the flamboyance of what Anne might have worn herself, pairing vintage ruffles with one of Samantha’s amazing capes.  I love the colors of this boot – it really widens your palette possibilities when creating outfits.

For updates on the Wolverine 1000 Mile Collection by Samantha Pleet:
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For more information on apparel by Samantha Pleet:
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All photographs by Mikael Kennedy, courtesy of Wolverine 1000 Mile.

West Egg Girls, East Egg Boys {Maison Kitsuné S/S 2012}

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My love for Maison Kitsuné is anything but new.  In fact, it has become a semi-annual event, the declaration of my undying love for their smartly tailored and somewhat preppy collections, that usually draw inspiration from iconic films (see my previous posts on: Spring 2011 – The Passenger, Fall 2011 – Brokeback Mountain).  Their collection for Spring/Summer 2012 is no exception.  Especially when you take into account they’ve taken style cues from The Great Gatsby — the 1974 film that features costumes by Ralph Lauren, not the book published in 1925 by F. Scott Fitzgerald, of course.  While not as literal as Ralph’s S/S 2012, which is similarly jazz era-infused, Kitsuné spring is more modern and more playful but always brings you back to West Egg through the palette, fabrics and discrete design details (a pleat here, a placket there).

What sets this collection very high in my Spring/Summer 2012 eschelon is it’s completeness.  Somehow, the designers at Kitsuné have tapped nearly every style archetype I hold dear — e.g., the prep, the lady, the jeans-and-t girl — thereby providing someone like me (with money to burn, natch) a coherent and polished statement wardrobe, that could just as easily be winnowed down if you aren’t quite as schizo with your style as I am.  Great jackets, beautiful dresses, and one amazing jumpsuit that is just begging for a safari.

To shop, head over to Kitsuné.

Of course, it would be remiss of me to not also mention the men’s collection.

Similarly pastel-hued and also as well-balanced between the casual and slightly more formal, it is the perfect compliment to the women’s collection.  After a bit of a disconnect between the men’s and women’s collection for Fall/Winter 2011, I’m glad to see a more cohesive statement this season.

I’m also excited to note that Maison Kitsune is hard at work on their very first New York store, set to open in April in the new NoMad Hotel at Broadway and 28th!  You can follow the project on their blog or have a look at GQ’s sneak peek.

Sail Away {Nonoo S/S 2012}

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Exhibiting a rare marriage of my love of tailoring, travel and delicate gowns that appear to float upon the skin, the spring/summer 2012 Nonoo collection by New York-based designer Misha Nonoo has my complete attention.  I so rarely find a designer that manages to incorporate all of my style idiosyncrasies in a single line that when I saw some of the images from this lookbook on Diana’s blog, I actually gasped audibly — it’s as if she somehow managed to put La Dolce Vita, Roman Holiday and To Catch A Thief in a sartorial blender.  And you know that’s directly up my alley (and straight to my doorway)…

Gorgeous campaign aside, what I love most about this Nonoo collection is its elegance and universality.  The clothes would work on a girl of 17, her mother and maybe even her grandmother.  Nonoo is classic, just the right amount of sensual, and it definitely needs to hop in my bag for a trip somewhere fabulous and romantic.  I have a feeling it would all pack rather well, don’t you?

All images via Nonoo.

Sidenote: Dying to know where these pictures were taken. Anyone know?

Autumn is Calling {Bridge and Burn Fall/Winter 2011}

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I first mentioned Bridge and Burn in my recap of (capsule) women’s in September and in the months since then I have become an even bigger fan of designer and founder Erik Prowell’s work.  Prowell has a knack for designing clothes I want to live in on the weekends and take on vacation.  His latest offering for the Fall/Winter 2011 season has me all kinds of obsessed, so I of course I wanted to share it with you.

Aesthetically, Bridge and Burn FW11 has me thinking of the military, of the outdoors, of hunting and of the Pacific Northwest.  Yes, yes, yes, and yes.  I love Prowell’s use of contrast linings and his exacting attention to detail, not to mention the obvious menswear influences that he carries over from his equally awesome Bridge and Burn menswear collection.

My favorites from Bridge and Burn Fall/Winter 2011:

The Librarian bomber in charcoal.

The Quin waxed cotton coat in olive.

The Stanton jacket in grey.

The Colter shirtdress in natural.

The Rider popover in red plaid.

Me in the Rider.  Love!

If you love Bridge and Burn as much as I do, I suggest you move quickly as I’ve noticed some choice items are starting to sell out.

Autumn is Calling {Maison Scotch Autumn 2011 Lookbook}

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Oh hello, Maison Scotch.  What’s that?  You’d like all my money?  Why, gladly!

Rather in love with the layers and softly rumpled feel to the Autumn 2011 collection by Maison Scotch, the female counterpart to Scotch & Soda.  This Amsterdam-based brand definitely has a bit of the la garçonne — which you already know is my weakness — but manages to retain a good sense of femininity.  Not too much, not too little, just right.  Perhaps it is high time I dropped by their boutique on Lafayette Street…

All images via Maison Scotch.

Autumn is Calling {Boy. by Band of Outsiders Fall 2011 Lookbook}

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Elena Anaya hams it up in the Boy. by Band of Outsiders Fall 2011 lookbook.  Aside from the amazing clothes, BoO will always get extra points from me for a picturesque Los Angeles backdrop.  This house must be amazing.

Croissant + Kahlua = damn fine idea.


To see the whole lookbook, head here.

Autumn Is Calling {Maje Fall/Winter 2011 Collection}

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Looks like Maje is the newest addition to the the rapidly expanding group of collections that want to divest me of all my ‘ends (Mom, that’s short for “dividends” — get it?) for F/W 2011.  Designer Judith Milgrom’s clean lines, a knack for a perfect skinny pant, skirt hemlines that are short without being tooooo short, subtle details and rich textures all have me wanting more.  I especially love the palette.  You’ll always have my full attention when you expertly employ the old “shock of red” — gets me every time.

Shop Maje here.

For your reference, please also see Thom.Dolan and Margaret Howell
Or maybe not, if you don’t want to be tempted…

All images via RDJ.

Autumn is Calling {Thom.Dolan Fall 2011}

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Even though summer is hands down my favorite season, I can’t help but feel the irresistible pull of a good Fall lookbook.  Are you familiar with New York designer Thomasine Dolan?  After spending 20 years at Bill Blass, Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani and Banana Republic, she launched her own line, Thom.Dolan, in 2010.  After starting out with bathing suits, the line has evolved into a beautiful collection that is entirely made in New York.

This fall, Thom.Dolan wants to take us to Austria, by way of Tibet.  It’s a bit preppy, a little vintage; with a feminine, yet tailored feel.  Are you at all surprised I’ve got a lookbook crush?  I want to live in this.  I especially love the ladylike neckwear, rich textures and pattern mixing.  After these pictures, I kinda wanted to go put on a cardigan…and sit with the AC on full blast.  Who says a girl can’t have it all?

All images via Thom.Dolan

Fall isn’t just yet available for purchase on Thom.Dolan webstore, but in the meantime you can comfort yourself with one of Thomasine’s beautiful swimsuits and select items from her colorful spring line.

The Obsession Continues… {Kitsuné F/W 2011}

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It’s just about that time again — that time when I fall in love with pretty much whatever Kitsuné has on deck for the next season. You may remember discussing with me the S/S 2011 “Passenger” collection and how much I loved its 70s-inspired look.  This time around designer Masaya Kuroki looked to the American west in the 1960s — by way of Ang Lee’s 2005 film Brokeback Mountain — for major style cues for F/W 2011.  The men’s collection clearly displays the influence of mid-century workwear, but while the womenswear is somewhat retro, it’s markedly much more tailored and ladylike.  While both collections are strong and stand alone quite well, when viewed together they noticeably lack the continuity I enjoyed in the S/S 2011 “Passenger” collection, but I don’t seem to mind all that much.

Sidenote: While Kitsuné menswear frequently makes the rounds on the interwebs, it’s somewhat frustrating to me that the womenswear doesn’t get more play, because it’s simply excellent.  The Kitsuné woman is classic, elegant, tailored and has a penchant for suits and blazers.  Parfait, if you ask me.

Below, some of my favorite looks.

I have been lusting after a fleece-lined Levis jacket for ages….!

Is this velvet or corduroy? Either way, it needs to get in my closet.

Shawl collars.  Yes.

As if that wasn’t enough to take in, Kitsuné currently has a men’s sale going on their S/S 2011 collections and they’ve recently released photos of the men’s S/S 2012 collection.  Curious as to the inspiration this time around?  Well, it’s none other than The Great Gatsby.  Can you sense my excitement?

All images via Kitsuné.

Massimo Dutti June 2011 Lookbook

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Once again, I am quite put out over the fact that there are no Massimo Dutti boutiques stateside.  I’m really enjoying the soft, yet constructed feel of the looks in this lookbook — especially the gorgeous leather jacket thrown over a sundress.  Perhaps it is time for a reconnaissance trip to London…

Love the lapels.

The June men’s lookbook is also worth perusal.  Aside from sartorial inspiration — loving the linen field jacket, the gingham check shirt and the brightly colored chinos — model Ryan Kennedy isn’t too bad to look at.  See a full rundown over at Die, Workwear.

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