Dick Clark, This Is Your Life

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This episode of This Is Your Life was shot in 1959,
when Dick was 30 years old.

Rest in peace, sir.
New Year’s Eve will never be the same.

Dick Clark
November 30, 1929 – April 18, 2012

Charm School Extra Credit || I Love Lucy: The Charm School

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Editor’s note: Even though February’s Charm School has come and gone, I still find myself coming across lovely gems like this one.  If you might indulge me, I will share a few throughout the year as a bit of Charm School Extra Credit.

I Love Lucy: The Charm School
Season 3, Episode 14, Aired 1/25/54

After allegedly being ignored by their husbands in favor of “pretty girls” at a party, Lucy and Ethel enroll in a charm school taught by actress Natalie Schafer (you may recognize her as Lovey Howell from Gilligan’s Island) in an effort to become “well-groomed and charming and attractive.”  Of course, classic Lucy hijinks ensue.

When they present their glammed-up new and improved selves to Ricky and Fred, the men have a bit of a laugh before reminding the ladies that they love them just the way they are — a bit like our very last Charm School lesson, Day 29: The Icing, no?

The Quite Continental Charm School
A modern guide to creating a charmed life

…and, we’re back!

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Betty Draper: Mother of the Year

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3 days to go.

For your viewing pleasure, click through to watch some of Betty’s best stuff on the NY Mag site.  Watch it, and then maybe bang your head against the wall.

Countdown to Mad Men

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Mad Men season 4.  Less than a week to go.

Until Mr. Draper is back, tide yourself over with the “Mad Men School of Seduction”:

Oh, that Pete Cambpell, such a sweet talker!

New York’s Gone Mad Event: If you’re in New York, be sure to put on your ’60s best and converge with cast members and fans on Times Square to watch the premiere.  Costume contest, trivia and etc.  Best part = free!  Details here.

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