The Talented Mr. Dutti

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Mr. Greenleaf (Pre-Fall 2012 Men)

Mrs. Highsmith (Pre-Fall 2012 Women)

I was already completely excited about the first stateside Massimo Dutti opening later this year on Fifth Avenue, but when they decide to pay homage to Patricia Highsmith’s beloved psychological thriller via their Pre-Fall 2012 campaign?
A girl might just lose her head…

Love, Parisian Style

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I don’t know this lovely couple personally, but I do know the groom is one half of the duo behind Rogue Territory, an excellent Los Angeles-based handmade denim goods company.  Nor do I personally know the photographer who shot this, but I do know he is the exceptionally talented Duncan Wolfe.  What else do I know?  That this film is perfect and beautiful and that I was left speechless after viewing it…and wanting to hop the next flight to CDG.  And while I don’t generally talk about weddings and such on here, I had to share.  It’s that good.

Congrats K & L.
May your life together be as filled with love and beauty
as these 4 minutes and 29 seconds are.

Many thanks to Ryan for the tip.

The Perils of Love

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  Loving this sweet little Parisian confection by Louis Clichy.

To see Edith Piaf and Théo Sarapo sing “A Quoi Ça Sert L’amour?” live, head here.
Many thanks to Tara for bringing this to my attention.

Ben Carroll ~ A Change Is Gonna Come

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Allow me to toot the family horn a bit…

Ben Carroll is an amazing singer and songwriter.  He also happens to be my cousin.  Ben’s currently hard at work on a soon-to-be-released third album, but he recently took some time out to make this clip of one of my most favorite songs, Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come.”  When we were all kids, my siblings and I used to force Ben to sing to us — totally understandable, once you’ve heard his voice.  Enjoy.

Ben Carroll on Facebook || Twitter || Website

And if you happen to be in LA, Ben has a show on May 4 at WitZend in Venice.
Find details and ticket information here.

All Dressed Up…in Los Angeles.

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Richard Gere adds Armani to the echelon of California style with its debut in American Gigolo (1980), which I recently revisited thanks to Lizzie’s suggestion.  A seminal moment in menswear, it marked the introduction of a new Italian aesthetic that became characteristic of the decade.

**Update 5/4/2012 — The blog Clothes on Film did a fantastic rundown of the costuming, which you can find here.

I especially love how the film captures the westside at that moment when the 1970s were turning to the 1980s, and watching a 30 year-old (and let’s face it, beautiful) Gere as he navigates the city as one of its “best boys.”  Other high points include the Blondie-infused soundtrack, Lauren Hutton, and the fact that Gere’s character lives in Westwood, which is where I lived before moving to New York.  

Portrait by Herb Ritts, 1980.
Part of “L.A. Style: Herb Ritts” at the Getty Center.  Details here.

Also: just a quick note to let you know I’m in Los Angeles for a few days!  I wanted to surprise my parents, and they read this thing, so I couldn’t mention it beforehand.  Happy to report my sneak attack was successful!

Replay || L’Odyssée de Cartier

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By now, you’ve probably already viewed the beautiful short film L’Odyssée de Cartier, a fantastic exploration of the history of the maison (if not, you can find it here).  Now you can discover the symbols hidden in La Panthère’s trek around the world with the help of Pierre Rainero, Cartier’s Image, Style and Heritage Director.  What an amazing job, no?

Sidenote: you can also see a behind-the-scenes of L’Odyssée de Cartier here, if that’s your kind of thing.

First Quarter: Affirmative, Roger that.

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Image via George Eastman House

Ladies and germs, March has been a terrifically busy, yet rather challenging month, I kid you not.  As we close out this first quarter of 2012 — poof! gone! — I wanted to briefly discuss the topic of resolutions, both of the New Year’s and Lenten variety.  Ohhhh yes, remember those?  As we inch closer to 2013, how have you fared?  For me, I’m rating my success a solid C+

As for resolutions: I’ve started three books but I haven’t been able to fight my way to the end of any of them.  I have done some running, but nothing near the distances I need to be ready for a half marathon.  I haven’t actually cooked anything, but I have started to buy groceries.  I haven’t been anywhere near a horse.  I have been actively working at identifying what I want, clearly asking for it, and working to make it happen.

As for Lent: I have successfully banished the snooze button and breakfast sandwiches, but dairy, on the other hand, has been harder to shake.  (We’ll talk about passive negativity in a moment…)

When I take a step back and see all the goals I made for myself and my uneven progress toward achieving them, I have a natural inclination to focus on what hasn’t been done and freak myself out about that.  I’m obviously a failure.  Not only will I completely ignore the big wins (my love of the snooze bar is well documented — an epic snoozer, I would sometimes hit it for over an hour before rising), I will cast aside the smaller victories I’ve made in the process of achieving the greater goals (e.g., groceries first, then cooking) as not good enough.  And then the fatalism comes shuffling in: Since I’ve already messed it all up, why even keep trying?  For me, it can be difficult sometimes to give myself a break and let success come a little slower than my irrational brain — and pride — would like.  So here’s where my attempted ban on passive negativity steps in.  By honoring what I have already accomplished and by recognizing that achieving these goals will not be a quick as flipping on a light switch, I feel more relaxed and much more open to the change and commitment these resolutions require.

But how to do this?  As crazy as it might sound, I simply try to take a moment to reflect on my progress, call out my victories and give myself a mental pat on the back.  You could do this in a moment of meditation on the train or in your car, write about it in your journal, or if you’re not shy about expressing it you could give the words even more strength by saying them out loud.  By choosing to spend my time thinking, writing or even speaking positively, I give power to these thoughts and my spirits are immediately lifted.  It becomes easier to accept the little stumbles on the way to achieving my goals.  I am reminded that as long as I pick myself up, dust myself off and start again, everything is fine.

And for a little inspiration, two child affirmation prodigies you may have already met, but should definitely visit with again:

So let’s agree to take a moment and have a bit of celebration for the awesomeness that you are, and commit to making the second quarter even better.

And I would love to hear about your goals and your progress as well!

A Love Letter to New York

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Designer Tory Burch talks about her life in the Big Apple, taking the viewer to some of her favorite places (one of my own favorites, the Frick, gets a mention!) and describes what it was like to move to New York from Pennsylvania over some rather beautiful shots of the city I have come to call my home as well.

It got me thinking of what my own love letter to New York might look like, and what places I would share, that make me feel most like a New Yorker and how “my New York” has changed since moving here from Los Angeles almost five years ago.  We’d definitely spend some time in Grand Central Terminal, and stroll the quiet evening streets of Tribeca.  Perhaps a bike ride up the west side at sunset or maybe a subway ride to Brooklyn for cozy cocktails with friends.  It would have to include the noise of steam heat, doormen that know just a little too much, never being able to get a cab when you need one and bacon, egg and cheese on a roll, delivered to your front door.  Oh, and losing your metrocard, buying a new one, and then finding the first one almost immediately.  Definitely that one.

What does your love letter to New York look like?
Or better yet, what does your love letter to your home city look like?
Perhaps like Woody Allen’s to Paris? Or Steve Martin’s to Los Angeles?

Tomboy Style: Beyond the Boundaries of Fashion

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So excited for Lizzie’s book! If you haven’t already, pre-order it.

“Le Charme.”

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Interviewer: Your favorite quality in a woman?
Yves Saint Laurent: Charm.

From L’amour Fou, which you must see immediately.

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