Wants: Stella McCartney Lingerie

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While poking about the internet for my Valentine’s Day gift guide, I realized how much I love the new lingerie collection by Stella McCartney.  Normally I leave it to Sarah to talk about underpinnings, but I just couldn’t resist after I saw these gorgeous pieces.  Sexy without being trashy, feminine without being prissy, and modern with just enough vintage inspiration, I’m having a hard time deciding what to pick up first.  Isn’t that pink silk amazing?  I’m also happy to hear that Stella has recently dropped her price point a bit and has decided to expand her range of sizes — genius!

So gents, if you are the type that purchases lingerie for your lady on Valentine’s Day, I definitely recommend Stella McCartney. (Sidenote: Whenever shopping for giftable unmentionables, I definitely recommend you always avoid anything with marabou, pleather, fishnet or absolutely anything from Frederick’s of Hollywood, as they think this is acceptable.  Pfft!)

Browse Stella McCartney lingerie at Net-A-Porter here.

Wants: Maslin & Co. Towel and Holster

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Who isn’t in need a zebra skin-patterned beach towel, complete with a lovely leather holster?  This beach essential has just the right amount of exoticism for your next poolside safari, without having all the attendant guilt that a real zebra skin might give some — and I also bet the towel is a good deal more absorbent.  Available in navy, beige and coral, it is the initial product offering of Maslin & Co., a new Australian-based label specializing in “well-crafted resort particulars.”  Now, just think how perfectly striking you would be, perched atop this lovely towel.  The cabana boys wouldn’t know what to do with themselves.

To purchase, head here.

Wants: Vanessa Bruno Crêpe de Chine

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Smartly tailored, but luxuriously draped, Vanessa Bruno has such a way with crêpe de Chine that I almost want to forbid anyone else from using the textile.  Rather impressive when you consider that Bruno started her collection in 1996 at the tender age of 24.  This romper and shirtdress are perfect examples of her virtuosity, and have me fantasizing about warm summer days when all you can bear to have on your body is the softest whisper of silk.  With any luck, I’ll be in one of these pieces.

We really have to pause and ruminate on how good this striped shirtdress is.  As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’ve got a bit of a shirtdress addiction, and this really hits the mark.  The boatneck, the placket, the tabbed sleeves, the drawstring waist and the pattern is simply gorgeous.  Mariah is a lady who can never have too many stripes in her life.  Stripes and shirtdresses, shirtdresses and stripes.  Best of both worlds, really.

Visit La Garçonne to purchase the shirtdress and romper.

Fall StapleSplurge: Prince of Wales Check Trouser by Black Fleece

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Another grey trouser?? you’re saying right now.  But no!  This is completely different.  Black Fleece by Brooks Brothers has a lovely black and white Prince of Wales check on a wool and cashmere trouser that I found myself admiring more than a little at the Bleecker Street Black Fleece shop a few weeks ago.  Like blackwatch tartan, the Prince of Wales check is another pattern I find myself drawn to this fall.  Fun fact: the pattern — also known as glen plaid — is called Prince of Wales because the Duke of Windsor popularized wearing it when he was the Prince of Wales.

Similarly in love? Find them here.

You should know that while I have a distinct weakness for Black Fleece — which is essentially all that I like about Thom Browne with a dash of wearability — I definitely think it is a smidge overpriced.  Hence the “StapleSplurge.”  My best Black Fleece scores have been thrifted.  I might tell you where, if you ask really nicely…  If $350 is a bit steep, try these from Paul Smith (on sale!), these from Incotex (also on sale!), or these from Banana Republic.

Fall Staple: J.Press Blackwatch Scarf

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I am a girl that loves something around her neck, be it a necktie, stacks of necklaces, the arms of my nieces or perhaps a certain Mister…  But at the moment I’m looking forward to wearing one of my favorite accessories in the coming months — the winter weight scarf.  A lover of scratchy wool, my most special wool scarf is a light blue tartan that belonged to my grandfather, but this fall I am a bit obsessed with blackwatch,  and so I have my eye on the lambswool beauty shown above from J.Press.  At $49, it won’t break the bank, but if you have a bit more room in your budget they do have a cashmere one for $140. 

I wouldn’t be mad if either graced my neck…

Fall Staple: Rugby Argyle Knee Socks

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At the first hint of fall, I always dive headfirst into my (long-ignored) sock drawer.  My favorites are argyle and this fall I will be picking up a few new pairs like these knee socks from Rugby.  Now before you accuse me of going all schoolgirl on you, you should know I will only wear them with tall boots or under trousers on an especially chilly day.  No short skirts and knee socks, thank you very much…

Fall Staple: Grenson Ella Boot

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The Ella boot by Grenson has burnt a searing hole into my brain that I cannot ignore.  Consequently, they have been moved to the tippy top of my “must purchase urgently” list.  It’s a long list, I’ll grant you that…  I’ll wear this handsome brogue wingtip boot with my hem rolled down and up, and possibly with a midi skirt or two.  Find them here.

Also worth mentioning that Aldo has an eerily similar option here — but the Ella has my vote, hands down.

Fall Staple: J. Crew Farrow Trouser

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Available in two colors and three lengths*, the J.Crew Farrow Trouser is definitely fall staple-worthy.  A wide-legged pleated trouser in wool herringbone with a bit of stretch, the waistband sits just slightly above your natural waist.  So versatile.  Perfection.

Don’t be surprised if you see me in these.  Maybe in both colors.**  Several days in a row.  Okay, maybe all the time.

*Sidenote: A ridiculous 37″ inseam is what they are considering “tall” these days?! Jenna Lyons’ long legs must be behind this…
**If you are only going to buy one pair, definitely opt for the grey.

Wants: Navy Blazer x Gold Buttons

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You’re probably already well aware of my preppyish tomboyish inclinations.  I’ve never met a monogram or a penny loafer that I didn’t like, but as I survey my fall wardrobe, I have a glaring omission that you will probably be surprised to learn.  Every time fall rolls around, I say to myself (and whoever might be listening), “Man, I really need a navy blazer with gold buttons”…and then nothing happens.  Every year.  I’m not sure why.  An iconic prep staple, if ever there was one, the navy blazer will figure largely for me this fall.  It must be wool, it must have gold buttons, but I’m flexible on whether it is double or single breasted.

I’ve collected a few candidates on my Svpply.  Which one do you prefer?

J. Crew Schoolboy blazer $188
Cheapest option, but a bit too much on the shrunken side.

Rugby Little Boy Polo Jacket $298
Really like the contrast collar, but I’m not a collar-popper.
Are those cuff buttons functional?

Ralph Lauren Blue Label Classic Blazer $398
Generally like, especially the lapels, but will I tire of the crest?

Brooks Brothers Classic Blazer $398
Oh Brooks Brothers, take me to Yawnsville.
I am a fan of Loro Piana wool, though…

Ralph Lauren Blue Label Polo Custom Blazer $598
Liking these lapels and this crest less than the other RL blazer.

Brooks Brothers Black Fleece Shetland Jacket $650
Uff!! Thom Browne, you are so so good.
Love the additional pocket.

Boy. by Band of Outsiders cropped blazer $1,110
Hate the way they styled this.
Very much like how it manages to be double-breasted and not too boxy.

Boy. by Band of Outsiders blazer $1,125
Perfection.  Well, except for the price tag.

Quite Continental Wants: Belstaff Triumph Leather Jacket

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Don’t really have much to say here, other than I need this jacket in. my. life.
Like yesterday.

If you have 2 Gs sitting around, and were feeling generous, I’d be forever grateful.
In the meantime, I’ll just gaze longingly at it, thinking of the fun we’d have this fall.

Available here.
(And if you get it, please don’t tell me.) (Kidding! Do tell me!) (So I can steal it.)

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