Adriana Lima for Vogue Italia February 2011 {also, Inspired: Fellini’s 8 1/2}

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I am seeing shades of Fellini…

Photos by Vincent Peters, via FGR.

Indulge your inner femme fatale in this slick stretch
satin dress from Agent Provocateur, available here.
Guido won’t know what to do with himself.

Image via Net-a-Porter.

Finish off the look with a dramatic eye.  DiorShow Blackout mascara is my go-to for ridiculously long, inky eyelashes.  Go for the non-waterproof version, which is much easier to get off at the end of the night.  Or the next morning, depending on how the night goes, I suppose.  Available here.

Image via Sephora.

28 Days of Classy and Fabulous Things: Day 15 – Wear Pajamas

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**QC’s 28 Days**
In February I will be bringing you daily tips
to cultivate more classiness and fabulousness in daily life!
Image via LIFE, taken in 1944 by Nina Leen.

Day 15: Wear Pajamas
Today’s tip is an easy way to class up your boudoir.  In eras past, people put just as much thought into their clothes for sleeping as they did for their day wardrobe.  Today, this sartorial pride has completely fallen off — evidenced not only in the prevalence of jogging suits and Uggs but especially in what is popularly accepted as pajamas.  I’m not linking anything here as an example because I don’t want to steer you wrong, d’accord!

The classy and fabulous thing to wear to bed?  Pajamas.  Or a nightgown.  And put a robe on.  Whatever you choose, take pride in it and make sure it’s beautiful.  No more crawling into bed in the ratty old boxers you’re still holding onto from your college boyfriend.  No more falling asleep in your undershirt and basketball shorts.  No.  Wifebeaters.  Yes, really.

Kiki de Montparnasse makes a simple, yet sensual statement in silk chiffon.  Scoop it here.

I may not be a fan of their aforementioned jogging suits, but Juicy Couture delivers a sweet silk camisole set.  Scoop it here.

If you’re more of a romantic, Clare Tough’s cream silk slip may be right up your alley.  Scoop it here.

Perhaps something that looks like you stole it from your Mr.?  Brooks Brothers is the place to look.  Do your best Lucy Ricardo and scoop these classic pinstripes here.

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