Fall StapleSplurge: Prince of Wales Check Trouser by Black Fleece

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Another grey trouser?? you’re saying right now.  But no!  This is completely different.  Black Fleece by Brooks Brothers has a lovely black and white Prince of Wales check on a wool and cashmere trouser that I found myself admiring more than a little at the Bleecker Street Black Fleece shop a few weeks ago.  Like blackwatch tartan, the Prince of Wales check is another pattern I find myself drawn to this fall.  Fun fact: the pattern — also known as glen plaid — is called Prince of Wales because the Duke of Windsor popularized wearing it when he was the Prince of Wales.

Similarly in love? Find them here.

You should know that while I have a distinct weakness for Black Fleece — which is essentially all that I like about Thom Browne with a dash of wearability — I definitely think it is a smidge overpriced.  Hence the “StapleSplurge.”  My best Black Fleece scores have been thrifted.  I might tell you where, if you ask really nicely…  If $350 is a bit steep, try these from Paul Smith (on sale!), these from Incotex (also on sale!), or these from Banana Republic.

Prêt-à-Porter: Winterizing

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Cherie, spring is taking its sweet time to appear, is it not?  No matter, I have decided that I can’t wait for warmer climes to wear my lightweight dresses.  I officially reject the concept of season-appropriate clothing in an effort to combat my low-grade seasonal depression.  However, in order to avoid freezing to death, I’ll need to winterize.  Here, I’ve paired one of my favorite summer dresses with a wool cowl neck sweater, scarf and wool tights.

Have a few dresses you miss dearly?  There’s no reason to wait.  Bring them out and warm up with a few cozy layers.

Peek of an elbow patch.  I love grandpa sweaters.

Je porte: Rugby Ralph Lauren sweater, H&M dress and belt, Banana Republic tights, Common Projects shoes

Le shopping: Rugby Ralph Lauren sweater, similar dress, similar shoes, similar belt.

La photographe: Jennerator

28 Days of Classy and Fabulous Things: Day 16 – The Trench

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**QC’s 28 Days**
In February I will be bringing you daily tips
to cultivate more classiness and fabulousness in daily life!
Catherine Deneuve in Les Parapluies de Cherbourg

Day 16: The Trench
I don’t believe there are many articles of clothing required for a classy and fabulous life, but an obvious exception would be the iconic trench coat.  Notice how its name alone calls to mind many a cinematic tableau of the elegant (see above: Catherine Deneuve in Les Parapluies de Cherbourg).  My trench coats are lovely wardrobe workhorses.  They receive good use in spring, summer and autumn since I moved to New York — and in Los Angeles they worked all year.  (Say what you will about the City of Angels, you simply cannot beat the weather!)  I have found they pack remarkably well and will fit easily into your carry-on as you jet off somewhere.

When selecting a trench to welcome to your collection, your first coat should be as classic as possible.  You’ll find that designers have reinterpreted this darling coat in a million fun ways – bright colors, fabulous fabrics, removed/added details, etc.  If you do not already have a trench in your closet, look for all of the conventional bells and whistles: the gun flap, the belt, the epaulets, the straps at the cuffs, the metal closure hooks at the neck.  Embrace the iconic design for this first foray into the world of the trench.  Purchase a coat that you can securely assume you will be able wear in ten years, and then maybe pass on to your own classy and fabulous daughter in twenty years.  On repeat trips, look for something fun.

Whilst we save our pennies for the classic Burberry trench of our dreams, don’t fret!  Rest assured there are an abundance of options available at every price point.  Perhaps select something sensible for now that you can upgrade at a later date?

London Fog Double Breasted Coat
Only $99.  Scoop it here.

Image via Macy’s

Banana Republic Classic Trench
$198. Scoop it here.

Image via Banana Republic

MaxMara Fevore Trench
$745.  Scoop it here.

Image via Matches

Burberry Long Double Breasted Trench Coat
$1295.  Scoop it here.

Image via Burberry

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Video: Journey In Style – Banana Republic Spring 2011

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Banana Republic launches its first film campaign in honor of its Spring 2011 line.  Featuring Jamie Dornan and Angela Lindvall, “Journey In Style” is definitely making me feel nostalgic for my hometown of Los Angeles.  Hell, let’s pack up a vintage convertible and make for warmer climes.  Who’s with me?!?

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