LIFE Archives: The Youngest Cowgirl, 1955

24/05/2011 § 5 Comments

I’m feeling a bit horsey lately (have you noticed?) and these pictures completely blew my mind.  At 15 months, Jean Anne Evans, a cowgirl from Texas, could ride better than she could walk.  In 1955, LIFE Magazine photographer Allan Grant captured some amazing images of Jean Anne in action on her family’s ranch near Fort Davis on a roundup of their 1,000 head herd.

Jean Anne’s first ride was at one month with her  mother, and her first solo ride followed when she was 11 months.  With her mother and father always close at hand,  she had only fallen once in her 15 months and it was only because her horse shied.

Seriously, how amazing is this mother/daughter portrait?

To view the issue of LIFE these images appeared in, head here.

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