Autumn is Calling {Bridge and Burn Fall/Winter 2011}

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I first mentioned Bridge and Burn in my recap of (capsule) women’s in September and in the months since then I have become an even bigger fan of designer and founder Erik Prowell’s work.  Prowell has a knack for designing clothes I want to live in on the weekends and take on vacation.  His latest offering for the Fall/Winter 2011 season has me all kinds of obsessed, so I of course I wanted to share it with you.

Aesthetically, Bridge and Burn FW11 has me thinking of the military, of the outdoors, of hunting and of the Pacific Northwest.  Yes, yes, yes, and yes.  I love Prowell’s use of contrast linings and his exacting attention to detail, not to mention the obvious menswear influences that he carries over from his equally awesome Bridge and Burn menswear collection.

My favorites from Bridge and Burn Fall/Winter 2011:

The Librarian bomber in charcoal.

The Quin waxed cotton coat in olive.

The Stanton jacket in grey.

The Colter shirtdress in natural.

The Rider popover in red plaid.

Me in the Rider.  Love!

If you love Bridge and Burn as much as I do, I suggest you move quickly as I’ve noticed some choice items are starting to sell out.

Autumn is Calling {Maison Scotch Autumn 2011 Campaign}

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I do apologize if you find this a mite repetitive, since we just discussed the Maison Scotch Autumn 2011 lookbook, but I thought these images from the Maison Scotch Autumn 2011 campaign were too lovely not show you.  The aesthetic somehow magically manages to pull together my love of tomboyish fashion and of settings that are delicately and beautifully decaying.  This couldn’t be more perfect if it tried to be…

All images via Maison Scotch.

Autumn is Calling {Maison Scotch Autumn 2011 Lookbook}

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Oh hello, Maison Scotch.  What’s that?  You’d like all my money?  Why, gladly!

Rather in love with the layers and softly rumpled feel to the Autumn 2011 collection by Maison Scotch, the female counterpart to Scotch & Soda.  This Amsterdam-based brand definitely has a bit of the la garçonne — which you already know is my weakness — but manages to retain a good sense of femininity.  Not too much, not too little, just right.  Perhaps it is high time I dropped by their boutique on Lafayette Street…

All images via Maison Scotch.

Autumn is Calling {Boy. by Band of Outsiders Fall 2011 Lookbook}

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Elena Anaya hams it up in the Boy. by Band of Outsiders Fall 2011 lookbook.  Aside from the amazing clothes, BoO will always get extra points from me for a picturesque Los Angeles backdrop.  This house must be amazing.

Croissant + Kahlua = damn fine idea.


To see the whole lookbook, head here.

Fall Staple: J.Press Blackwatch Scarf

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I am a girl that loves something around her neck, be it a necktie, stacks of necklaces, the arms of my nieces or perhaps a certain Mister…  But at the moment I’m looking forward to wearing one of my favorite accessories in the coming months — the winter weight scarf.  A lover of scratchy wool, my most special wool scarf is a light blue tartan that belonged to my grandfather, but this fall I am a bit obsessed with blackwatch,  and so I have my eye on the lambswool beauty shown above from J.Press.  At $49, it won’t break the bank, but if you have a bit more room in your budget they do have a cashmere one for $140. 

I wouldn’t be mad if either graced my neck…

Fall Staple: Rugby Argyle Knee Socks

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At the first hint of fall, I always dive headfirst into my (long-ignored) sock drawer.  My favorites are argyle and this fall I will be picking up a few new pairs like these knee socks from Rugby.  Now before you accuse me of going all schoolgirl on you, you should know I will only wear them with tall boots or under trousers on an especially chilly day.  No short skirts and knee socks, thank you very much…

Menswear Crush: Hackett A/W 2011 Lookbook

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I have been told my love of the Hackett man is a bit Sloane Ranger-y…

…I’ve decided that I don’t care.  Not one bit.  Me and Mr. Hackett go way back.
And I’m happy to renew my Menswear Crush with the F/W 2011 lookbook.

I mean, how could you say no to a man who wears this…?

You can’t, really.  Especially if you are like me and are furtively conceiving of ways to ransack his closet.  I want his ties, I want his sweaters, I want his scarves.  I want to wrap myself in his shirts — slightly too large for me — and wear them with the sleeves rolled up, tucked haphazardly.  I’d feign surprise when he notices.  He’d feign exasperation.  He wouldn’t really mind at all…  I mean, what else am I expected to do so long as Hackett refuses to make clothes for me?

For more pictures and full details on these lovely looks, head here.

All images via Hackett.

Fall Staple: Grenson Ella Boot

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The Ella boot by Grenson has burnt a searing hole into my brain that I cannot ignore.  Consequently, they have been moved to the tippy top of my “must purchase urgently” list.  It’s a long list, I’ll grant you that…  I’ll wear this handsome brogue wingtip boot with my hem rolled down and up, and possibly with a midi skirt or two.  Find them here.

Also worth mentioning that Aldo has an eerily similar option here — but the Ella has my vote, hands down.

Fall Staple: J. Crew Farrow Trouser

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Available in two colors and three lengths*, the J.Crew Farrow Trouser is definitely fall staple-worthy.  A wide-legged pleated trouser in wool herringbone with a bit of stretch, the waistband sits just slightly above your natural waist.  So versatile.  Perfection.

Don’t be surprised if you see me in these.  Maybe in both colors.**  Several days in a row.  Okay, maybe all the time.

*Sidenote: A ridiculous 37″ inseam is what they are considering “tall” these days?! Jenna Lyons’ long legs must be behind this…
**If you are only going to buy one pair, definitely opt for the grey.

Autumn Is Calling {Maje Fall/Winter 2011 Collection}

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Looks like Maje is the newest addition to the the rapidly expanding group of collections that want to divest me of all my ‘ends (Mom, that’s short for “dividends” — get it?) for F/W 2011.  Designer Judith Milgrom’s clean lines, a knack for a perfect skinny pant, skirt hemlines that are short without being tooooo short, subtle details and rich textures all have me wanting more.  I especially love the palette.  You’ll always have my full attention when you expertly employ the old “shock of red” — gets me every time.

Shop Maje here.

For your reference, please also see Thom.Dolan and Margaret Howell
Or maybe not, if you don’t want to be tempted…

All images via RDJ.

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