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When two talented sisters-in-law, both inexplicably named Veronica Beard, launched their eponymous collection in fall of 2010 it was with a single, well-tailored blazer: “The Jacket.” In the seasons since, the line has blossomed into a full ready-to-wear collection — recently debuting their S/S 2013 at New York Fashion Week — with a strong foundation in familiar, iconic pieces.

I’m not sure how this line escaped me for almost two years, but upon first glance, I knew we would be fast friends — and when I read that the designers strive to create a “uniform” for the modern women, I upgraded that to very best friends.  Classic, yet also very contemporary, the Veronica Beard woman is effortlessly chic in clothes that are made to be lived in.  She’s a tailored city girl who highly values style, fit and comfort.

Before we get too lost in what’s to come for S/S 2013, I wanted to take a moment to share the F/W 2012 lookbook with you.  I only have one tiny complaint, and it has nothing to do with the clothes.  I’m not too terribly fond of those grey platform boots, but adore every single other thing.  The jackets and outerwear still stand apart as their very best work — the silk lapels on that blazer below?  The those luxurious fur collars?  The colors and textiles you can sink your teeth into?  Gorgeous, simply gorgeous.  And the best part?
You can get it right now.

All images via Veronica Beard.

Fetch My Walking Stick… {Ralph Lauren Collection Fall/Winter 2012}

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So.  He opened the show with the Downton Abbey theme song.
Mr. Lauren, can you please exit my brain?

Just kidding!  Stay as long as you like.  Forever, even.

Please prepare yourself for a mammoth montage of photos from the Ralph Lauren Fall/Winter 2012 show.  The full looks are amazing — two movements here really: first,  classic English countryside, tailored, outrageously layered patterns and a stroke of ocelot genius; and second, a glamorous art deco, jewel-toned luxury that echoes his recent home collection  — but you can scoot off to plenty of other places on the internets for that.  Here, I’d like to draw your attention to some detail shots by Mr. Marcio Madeira, my favorite runway photographer.  The inspiration abounds.

Long story short, I love the collection.  But I’m sure you knew that already.

Someone fetch my walking stick.

Oh my.

One more time for good measure…

All photos by Marcio Madeira for First Look/Vogue.  For all the looks, head here.

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The Pivot {St. John F/W 2012}

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While not my usual cup of tea, a few looks in the St. John Fall/Winter 2012 collection have definitely caught my eye, and I’m not sure how I feel about it. You see, I used to always equate the brand with rather boring “mature lady” fashions, but I realize that with their recent recruitment of spokeswoman Kate Winslet, and Angelina Jolie before her, they may be trying to pivot the brand a bit.  And I may be getting ever so slightly older.  Perhaps we are on a collision course to meet somewhere in the middle?  In any event, I like what I see.  What do we think?  1930s? Marlene Dietrich, perhaps?

All images via WWD.

Field Notes: Rag & Bone F/W 2012

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Was very excited to attend the rag & bone F/W 2012 show last night!  In the hustle and bustle of the arrivals my eagle eye was pleased to spy Garance Dore, Susie Bubble, Hanneli, Grace Coddington, Amanda Brooks and (!!!) personal spirit animal Caroline Issa at Pier 57 before the show kicked off.  And kick off it did…

Jewel-toned, layered, richly textured and patterned with a gentlewoman cavalry aesthetic from London by way of India, I found this latest rag & bone collection much more to my own personal preference than the preceding F/W.  The footwear, outerwear and gloves inspired my material desires like you wouldn’t believe. Like this coat above.  So amazing.  Of special note were the leather accessories (a nod to body armor) and the gorgeous textiles.  Have you ever heard of — let alone seen! — a gradient herringbone?  Genius.  On the runway, set to music by Thom Yorke and House of Pain (the show finale was set to this), the models completely embodied the battle-ready feel of the collection, with their grimly set faces, determined marching, mussed hair and severe eyeliner.  Whatever kind of winter we might have in 2012, designers Marcus Wainwright and David Neville have prepared the rag & bone woman to take it all in stride.

Sidenote: This post is about to be quite long, so I will place most of it after the jump — you’re going to have to humor me because there is way too much goodness to share.  I suppose if you don’t like frock coats, leather, fur or booties, you may want to skip along to the next post.

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