Après Sandy

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Just a quick note to let you know that I am safe and sound after Sandy passed through New York last night.  The city definitely feels like it is reeling from a massive shock.  I had been forced to evacuate from my apartment on Sunday because I live in one of the low lying areas (my building’s lobby is still currently flooded), but as it turned out, I needed to relocate again today, due to the massive power outage in Manhattan below 34th Street and the fact that we lost water and cell phone service as well.  I have since settled into my old neighborhood — and quasi-ancestral homeland — The Upper East Side.

After being plunged into the dark last night when power was lost, and with virtually no way of hearing the news, my friends and I settled in for an eerily zen-like few hours by candlelight, while Sandy howled outside.  Being in the middle of a huge event, without any access to the outside world, was disconcerting and I am thankful that I was with friends.

By now you have probably seen the devastating pictures of the damage.  If you would like to help, I urge you to make a donation to the American Red Cross.

I hope you are safe and well, wherever you are.

Oh Sandy

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A very sandy kitty dealing with Hurricane Hazel.
Taken in Wilmington, North Carolina, 1954 by Hank Walker.

So this hurricane stuff is getting to be a yearly thing, it seems — me, having to scamper from my home in Lower Manhattan, for higher and drier ground elsewhere in the city.  Such is the life of a Zone A resident.  In any event, please rest assured that I am safe and sound and will be riding out Hurricane Sandy with good friends in a more favorable Zone. To earn my keep I’ve brought an armful of glossy magazines and Auntie Mame, and have been on round-the-clock hot toddy duty.  One must have priorities, clearly.

Please do your best to be safe in the storm, East Coasters.

All best,

Some helpful links:
NYC Office of Emergency Management Evacuation Zone Finder
National Weather Service
Downtown Alliance – Lower Manhattan
Red Cross Go Bag Checklist

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