Real Property Lust: Danish Station House

08/07/2011 § 1 Comment

There is a certain romance about trains, no?


Obsessing this morning over how a young Danish family has converted a train station built in 1901 in Ormslev, Denmark, into a simply gorgeous home.  Aside from the design choices I am usually drawn to — white walls, painted floors, mismatched chairs, patinaed surfaces, a dash of the modern, interesting vintage touches, a jumbled gallery space — I love how the couple kept some of the features from its former life as a station house: the ticket office, the safe and the waiting room bench.  While I sometimes have trouble with the conversion of public spaces into private spaces (most frequently the “church to house” conversion), this space pulls it off beautifully while retaining the romance of old-fashioned travel.

Waiting room bench.

Ticket window.

All images via Sköna hem

Quite Continental Loves: Frédérique Morrel

08/06/2011 § 1 Comment

‘My Dear’ by Frédérique Morrel

This handsome buck has been sitting in my drafts folder since January, patiently waiting for the day I would find him and share him.  Well, today is that day — mainly because the WSJ reminded me of him over the weekend.  Artist Frédérique Morrel and husband Aaron Levin are at the helm of this quirky design firm that deals mainly in tapestries and antique fabric remnants, with an inclination towards faux-taxidermy (of deer, bulls, rabbits, and people) (yes, people), seating and interesting tabletop accents.

Hop over to Frédérique Morrel for more.  She’s also on FacebookIf you decide to pick up this buck, I’ll be very jealous indeed…

La Maison de Quite Continental: Hues to Choose

19/05/2011 § 4 Comments

Cherie, remember I mentioned that I would be undertaking a rather large overhaul of la maison this spring?  Well, I have taken the first steps down that path and have been focusing on the colors I’d like my walls to be.  Currently, they are your average, run of the mill shade of white, which I don’t entirely mind but I am now of the mind to try something entirely new.  After taking some time with books and my favorite decor sites, I narrowed down my preference to three colors: blue, teal or grey.  Next, I had to pick the exact shade I wanted.

Being a complete painting newbie, I was in need of some guidance.  I headed over to Tribeca Paint (217 West Broadway, between Franklin and White), a lovely paint and hardware store in the neighborhood, where I was confronted with color wheels and swatches and diagrams.  I took much too long to decide and asked a million questions, but the store clerks were eternally patient and very happy to help me.  I highly recommend Tribeca Paint!  I was then sent on my way with three Benjamin Moore color samples to play with and teeny tiny rollers to paint with.  I’m now armed and ready to paint small squares of paint in random spots, in order to help guide myself to a color.

Contemplating: clear skies (2054-70), marilyn’s dress (2125-60),
jamaican acqua (2048-60).

Though I love deep colors, I am leery to go too dark, lest I render my apartment some kind of dark cave, so my selections are on the lighter side — which I have been assured will dry darker.  Paint, why must you be so fickle?!  Why can’t you just be the color you say you are going to be?!

A bit of my inspiration below:

via La Dolce Vita.
via Desire to Inspire.
via La Dolce Vita.
via Home & Garden.
via My Paradissi.
via House of Turquoise.
via Desire to Inspire.

This last home — a Milanese palazzo, owned by designers — is simply amazing.  It’s been all over le interwebs so I won’t post all of the images, but if you would like to see more, head here.  These cool grey walls definitely have me leaning in favor of Marilyn’s Dress (2125-60).  What do you think?

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