QC Loves: A.L.C. Resort 2014

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ALC Resort 2014

Let’s talk a little Resort 2014, shall we?  I must admit that whenever collections are released it’s a little like a horse race for me.  There are clear favorites, early frontrunners, and every now and then, a dark horse.  This season, while it looked like Rag & Bone was my clear winner, dark horse A.L.C., designed by Andrea Lieberman, emerged to win the day with a restrained palette and clean sense of cool that was a little more approachable than the tough girl chic that Rag & Bone put forward (and I still love, don’t get me wrong).  Aside from that, if you dip-dye or ombre anything — and I mean anything — it’s going to get at least a second look from me, and I especially love the technique on floaty textures immediately juxtaposed with leather.  Well done, indeed.

Images via Style.com

Thanks, Ralph.

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RRL & Co. S/S 2013 RRL & Co. S/S 2013 RRL & Co. S/S 2013 RRL & Co. S/S 2013 RRL & Co. S/S 2013 RRL & Co. S/S 2013 RRL & Co. S/S 2013 RRL & Co. S/S 2013 RRL & Co. S/S 2013

Double RL & Co. for women has finally arrived, and I am a very happy girl.  Amazingly, this beaut of a lookbook manages to serve merely as icing on the cake that is the S/S 2013 collection, full of western shirts, 40s-era day dresses, and a boyfriend jean that I desperately need in my life.

Thanks, Ralph.  This almost makes up for killing off Rugby and some rather lackluster Collections since F/W 2012.  Almost.  I mean, you are trying to sell me this as an actual accessory.

QC Loves: Gryphon Fall 2013

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Gryphon Fall 2013 Gryphon Fall 2013 Gryphon Fall 2013 Gryphon Fall 2013 Gryphon Fall 2013 Gryphon Fall 2013 Gryphon Fall 2013

Have you already seen this?  Am I late to the party?  In any event, this is too gorgeous not to share!  The New York-based brand Gryphon, by designer Aimee Cho, has definitely emerged as one of my favorites for Fall 2013.  The brand, formerly a full line, recently rebooted and is returning for Fall 2013 as an outerwear-only collection.  As Gryphon was initially launched around her reinterpretation of the classic trench coat, this refocus gives Cho the opportunity to really refine what she arguably does best (and I love best!), her “…trench coats, puffer coats, overcoats, pea coats, parkas, blazers, anoraks, baseball jackets, and more.”

The proof, as they say, is in the lookbook.
What?  They don’t say that?  Well, they should.

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Inauguration || Thom Browne Pre-Fall 2013

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Thom Browne Pre Fall 2013

I’ll admit it, I’d written off Thom Browne.  My love for his menswear designs notwithstanding, I tended to find his collections for women severely lacking, year after year.  We had knee-length pearl necklaces one year, unwalkable skirts another, and an alarming affinity for shirt dresses that appeared to be stolen from a Dickensian orphanage.  Browne’s designs for women appeared to be more costume than clothing, as if he wasn’t quite sure he could pull off a serious collection — so he didn’t bother to try (see: Fall/Winter 2011; Spring/Summer 2013)  So I resigned myself to enjoying Black Fleece by Brooks Brothers, which takes the inventive, tailored qualities favored by Browne (and me!) but adds a high dose of wearability — it is a Brooks Brothers line, after all — and forgot about Thom Browne.

That is, until January 21, 2013 — the morning of Barack Obama’s second inauguration. I heard murmurs that the Obama women were sporting a set of beautiful coats, but when Eric Wilson of the NYT mentioned something about bespoke Thom Browne, made especially for the First Lady, I made a beeline for the television to see the gorgeous silk jacquard — inspired by necktie fabrics, natch — for myself.  The whole family looked lovely, but Michelle’s coat/dress ensemble was definitely the pièce de résistance.

It was in that moment I began to hope that Thom Browne had finally changed course, and I am happy to say that his 2013 Pre-Fall collection has confirmed it.  No longer bogged down with clever tricks and over-the-top conceptualism, Browne’s 2013 Pre-Fall is actually wearable and smartly tailored, but still retains the tongue-in-cheekiness quality that is classic Browne.  I’m not sure what inspired this sudden maturity, but I’m loving it — to say that I’m excited would be a massive understatement.  My American Express card on the other hand…probably a little less so.  But I’m sure we’ll get through it together.

Thom Browne Pre Fall 2013 Thom Browne Pre Fall 2013

All images via Thom Browne.

Featured: Two Inch Cuffs ~ Heritage Isle || Fall 2011 Lookbook

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Fall is in the air…

Just a quick note to let you know I have been featured (albeit indirectly) elsewhere on the interwebs!  Was very pleased to style the Fall 2011 lookbook for Two Inch Cuffs, shot on City Island (a great place to visit, I might add).

View it here.

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