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17/08/2012 § 1 Comment

The interwebs truly is a beautiful thing.

I’m not sure what rabbit hole lead me to discover British designer Nick Wakeman’s amazing line, but I thank my lucky stars that I fell down it.  Because it’s like it was made just for me.

Studio Nicholson is “…inspired by her love of menswear design whilst incorporating subtle female trend hooks each season.  Nick, a former menswear designer has always been inspired by the assured and classic style of the sartorial European man’s wardrobe.  Each season Nick catches the heart of that man’s sense of dress and creates an effortless, confident and uncomplicated wardrobe for women who require a practical yet classy uniform.”

Few things to note here:
1) inspired by classic menswear,
2) embraces seasonal female trend elements,
3) advocate of the uniform,
4) her name is Nick?  Utterly cool.

and perhaps most importantly,
she’s just taken a 50% final summer reduction on all you see here and more.

Do hop over to Studio Nicholson, post haste.

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