Confessions of a Curly Girl: A Hair Evolution

26/11/2010 § 3 Comments

I’ve been a curly girl since birth, but I haven’t always loved my unruly locks.  I was blessed with rather thick hair that isn’t very coarse, but is extremely strong — I can pretty much do whatever I feel like to my hair and it will bounce back.  I’ve bleached it to blond, made it magenta (oh, the follies of youth), skunkily highlighted it, hit it with so much heat that the bathroom was full of smoke and the acrid smell of burnt hair, subjected it to the illustrious Dominican blowout, shellacked it down with super mega hair spray, etc. etc.  The worst thing its ever done is get a little dry and frizzy, and was easily corrected with a bit of deep conditioning. My curl is well-defined, but not so tight that I can’t force it to be stick-straight with a good blowout and a bit of flat ironing.  My relationship with my hair has gone through a few phases, which I think will be familiar to all curly girls.

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