Et Tu, Google?

14/03/2013 § 4 Comments

RIP Google ReaderPardon me, but I’m about to get all interwebby for a moment.  Last night, Google announced that they’ve decided to retire Google Reader on July 1, 2013, striking fear in the hearts of their smallish, yet loyal community of users (myself included).  I started using the RSS feed organizer around the same time I started blogging, as an efficient and streamlined way to keep all the “stuff” I wanted to read in one place — news, blogs, etc. — and it totally changed the way I consume media online.  But evidently, there weren’t enough of us Google Readers to keep the show going, so it’s being shuttered so that Google can concentrate greater efforts on fewer projects — one assumes the epic fail that is Google+ to be one such project, sigh.

So what’s a girl to do, in order to wrangle the internets?  It appears that consensus is leaning toward feedly as the next best alternative, and they’ve pledged that they will roll out a clone of Google Reader of their own, called Normandy, that is supposed to transition seamlessly to their back end after July 1 — all you need to do is import your Google Reader feeds before then.  You can read more about Normandy and how to migrate here.  I’m giving it a try, myself.  Of course, if you have a reader to recommend, please pass it along!

Aside from my own RSS crisis, I realized that some of you guys would be left in the lurch, too.  I just wanted to mention that you can continue to keep up with my posts via the Quite Continental Facebook page, or via Bloglovin’ (which is like a mini RSS feed organizer for blogs), or you can sign up to receive my posts via email in that little subscribe box at the top right of my homepage.  I also do my best to tweet my posts, but since it isn’t automatic that’s definitely subject to human error (and/or laziness and/or forgetfulness).

Now that’s said, herein ends the tech sermon,
and we can return to our regularly scheduled programming….

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