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23/04/2015 § 2 Comments

gap slides

In reflecting upon how much desire these simple sneaks from Gap have just inspired, it’s entirely possible that New York has finally tipped my internal balance to 51% NY, 49% CA — because when I look at these I think SPRING!!!  Which is hilarious because they are black leather sneakers, says California me.  No, no, says New York me, can’t you see??  Shoes that aren’t boots that you can wear without socks? That’s practically a tropical vacation for our feet!

Controversy aside, these babies are a perfect transition from the recent winter of our collective discontent AND a perfect price to boot — $49.95 and an additional 35% off until tomorrow, 4/24 — so get while the getting is good, and we can be spring twins.

Style Roulette || Blue Friday

30/08/2013 § 2 Comments

roulette logoQuite Continental Style Roulette: Blue Friday

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Style Roulette!
One item, two distinct styles.

For our first selection, a pair of Harvey Faircloth lace shorts. Styled by myself, and Lani of Mon Petit Chou Chou, my good friend and frequent partner in Brimfield and New York Fashion Week hijinks.  While we’ve been fast friends since the day we met, and our personal styles do have a few convergence points, I’ve always appreciated Lani’s bold approach to fashion.  While I tend to the more classic and relaxed, Lani loves vibrant contrast and drama — as you’ll notice from our very first round of Roulette!

 Be sure to hop on over to her site to see her entry.

I envisioned this as a sort of off-duty uniform for long rambles about the city.  The kind of late summer afternoon hours that easily slip into evening without you even noticing.  As is my wont, I wanted to relax the lace — surprisingly, meditation didn’t work — and thought an easy silk shirt and slip-ons would do the trick.  I’m also completely obsessed with all the Mougin & Picard watches for J.Crew, but this Grande Seconde is my absolute favorite.

What’s probably most interesting to note is that while Lani and I refrained from peeking at each other’s selections until we were finished, we both somehow paired the lace with leopard.  Odd coincidence or next big thing?  I’ll let you be the judge…

From top L-R:
Equipment Signature washed silk shirt in bright white
Harvey Faircloth lace shorts in navy
Mougin & Picard for J.Crew Grande Seconde watch in cream
Gap animal print slip-on sneakers
Clare Vivier Bando tote in cognac
Orly Genger by Jaclyn Mayer Roxbury Necklace in Violet

About Last Night || Gap Fall 2012 Preview

30/08/2012 § 2 Comments

I was very pleased to attend the Fall 2012 preview for The Gap a few weeks ago.  Marisa and I spent a lovely summer evening over drinks and live music atop the McKittrick Hotel in Chelsea, visiting with the new fall collection.  Full of the kind of basics we’ve all come to love and expect from the brand, the new collection is a playful and modern update of several iconic wardrobe staples.  Of particular interest are the blazers, a whole slew of colorful flats and one adorably polka dotted chambray shirt.  Be sure to visit The Gap for more fall goodness.

Please get in my closet!

Aside from the fall fashion inspiration, the highlight of the evening was a truly showstopping Manhattan sunset.  From our perch above the west side we were treated to the kind of skyline porn usually reserved for Sex and the City flyover shots.  Funny how sometimes floating above the city can feel more “New York” than walking along its streets, no?

Wearing: Gap 1969 legging jean in tropic green //
Zara polka dot blouse (similar) // Uniqlo blazer (similar)

The signs of a good party…

Afterwards we headed over to Yama in the West Village for sushi.  Per usual, we ordered too much and then the advanced maths were required.
But thankfully, we had a mathlete on hand…

Slips for Sale

11/08/2012 § Leave a comment

Pardon the repetition — I did mention these shoes only yesterday — but after noticing that The Gap currently has a 30% off Friends and Family Sale on through this Sunday (promo code: GAPFRIENDS), I realized that these slips are *only $27!*  Order two pairs, and you get free shipping.

Boom.  Your summer-to-fall footwear, instantly solved.

From top: 
Suede loafers
Tassel loafers
Herringbone loafers
Embroidered loafers

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