New Addition || Put A Horse On It: Life Magazine, 1937

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This weekend while on a walk in my neighborhood, I stopped by one of my favorite shops in Tribeca, Philip Williams Posters, on a bit of a lark.  While the store is best known for its collection of vintage posters, my attention was drawn from the window by what looked like a massive stack of magazines.  Once inside, I simultaneously realized that they were Life Magazines and that my afternoon was pretty much sealed.

You already know how much I love Life Magazine: I collect them, I read virtual copies on Google Books and wander for (way too many) hours in the online archive.  Coming at this cache of vintage media from multiple directions sometimes provides the opportunity for the kind of pleasant surprise I had this weekend.

First off, you put a horse on anything and I will at least give it a second look.  You put one on the cover of a Life Magazine from the 1930s and mention it’s a polo pony?  Dead.  Before even cracking this baby open, I knew it was coming home with me.  But when I did, I realized I was already familiar with the photos inside as they were part of a set that I had discovered in the archives a few weeks ago — and trust me when I say there is nothing in there tagged “polo” that I haven’t already seen.

I especially love the advertisements.

The feature is about George H. “Pete” Bostwick (August 14, 1909 – January 13, 1982), steeplechase jockey, horse trainer, 8-goal polo player and grandson to Jabez A. Bostwick, a founder and treasurer of Standard Oil Company of New York and partner of John D. Rockefeller. Pete’s favored game, high-goal polo, was a pastime of the wealthy in the 1930s, but Pete made an unprecedented, egalitarian move: he invited the public to watch him and his friends play at Bostwick Field on Long Island, charging only fifty cents for admission.  It was an immediate hit.

These photos were taken 1937 in Long Island by Alfred Eisenstaedt.  Because relatively few actually made it into the issue, having access to the archive allowed me to really enjoy even more photos than were published.  This is about to be a long post, so I must apologize in advance if you don’t enjoy looking at black and white photos of horses, polo or people in their Sunday best.  I will apologize, but I’ll think you’re kinda crazy.

A 28 year-old Pete Bostwick, center.
“There is no use sitting in school when one
can sit on a horse and go somewhere.

Pete Bostwick: lover of polo, beer and cable knit sweaters.

If you’d like to read the feature yourself, you can find it here, via Google Books.

Philip Williams Posters || 122 Chambers St., Tribeca || 212.513.0313

QC Recommends || Silver Lining {and the Brown Derby cocktail}

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Just a quick note to recommend Tribeca cocktail and jazz bar Silver Lining.  Located in the basement of the gorgeous Bogardus Mansion, which was built in 1850 and named for its builder James Bogardus, the originator of cast-iron architecture, Silver Lining offers serious cocktails and a menu of small plates that are so good they could stand on their own, alongside nightly live jazz music, served up in a speakeasy atmosphere.  This somewhat still-hidden gem — bustling, roomy, but never ridiculously crowded — is the product of the Joseph Schwartz/Sasha Petraske partnership (Little Branch), was recently named the best cocktail bar of 2012 by New York Magazine and is on the shortlist to become my new local. 

Personally, I’m quite partial to their Brown Derby cocktail, probably at least partially due to its Los Angeles roots (like me).  The cocktail takes its name from The Brown Derby, an iconic chain of Los Angeles eateries, founded in the 1920s.  Their most recognizable location, on Wilshire Boulevard, was actually hat-shaped (it’s since been demolished, today its dome sits atop a mini-mall in Korea Town — so sad!), while their more storied location in Hollywood was where the entertainment set went to see and be seen, with their illustrated portraits lining the walls in the dining room.

Can’t make it to Silver Lining to order your own Brown Derby? Try it at home:

1 ounce bourbon
1 ounce grapefruit juice
½ ounce clover-honey syrup (1 part water, 1 part clover honey)

In tin-on-tin shaker, add freshly squeezed grapefruit, then honey and bourbon; shake and strain into chilled cocktail glass (ideally, a 5 ½-ounce Champagne coupe).

Recipe via the Los Angeles Times, where you can watch a video of it being made by bartender Marcos Tello.

Silver Lining
75 Murray Street, Tribeca || 212.513.1234
Closed Sundays

Video: A Bike About Town {Adeline Adeline + Kate Spade}

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If this video doesn’t make you want to run away to NYC,
there must be something wrong with you…

Adeline Adeline, a lovely ladylike bicycle shop in Tribeca, has teamed up with Kate Spade to produce a simply darling limited edition Abici bike.  Even though I already have my own beautiful bicyclette, I find myself contemplating adding this classically styled beauty to my stable!

Image via Adeline Adeline

Never one to let an accessory opportunity pass, Kate Spade has created handbags perfect for the lady cyclist.  My favorite is the Essex Bike Scout Bag, which comes equipped with d-rings in order to attach this handsome bag to your handlebars.

Adeline Adeline
147 Reade Street
New York, NY 10013
(212) 227-1150

Quite Continental Recommends: Weather Up Tribeca

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Just wanted to pass along a bar recommendation, ma chere, were you ever in my neighborhood and in need of a classy cocktail or three.  There’s no signage, so be prepared to look for it a bit.

Weather Up Tribeca, sister to Weather Up Prospect Park, is definitely worthy of your attention.  Most notable is the bar’s posh interior with a vibe completely free of pretension.  Open just 6 months, the bar offers a tiny menu of nouveau American fare (e.g., caviar, potato chips, broccoli rillettes with peekytoe crab) that is very well done and a perfect compliment to the excellent cocktails.  Your truly enjoyed a Kensington Fix (Gin, Amaro CioCiaro, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup) but Weather Up also offers cocktails of the bespoke variety.  Just give your bartender a bit of direction and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

All images via NYMag Grubstreet.

Weather Up Tribeca
159 Duane St (between West Broadway & Hudson St)
New York, NY 10013

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