Go West (of Paris).

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Dear Claire Dhelens,

As you are a French Voguette (a fashion and accessories editor to be precise), I was primed to be a fan.  In fact, I’m sorry that it has taken me so long to identify you among that amazing posse of black-clad, long-limbed ladies that traipse through the Tuileries.  I’ll admit that Emmanuelle and Capucine caught my attention first — je suis désolé!  But with your American west-themed editorial for the children’s supplement of French Vogue, you’ve got my attention.  In fact, you’ve even managed to get me to post pictures of kids on here.  No mean feat, let me tell you.  This happens virtually never.


With that said, I’ll just allow everyone else to enjoy these lovely photos by Andreas Sjodin, styled by Mme. Dhelens.

On Uniforms {also, Style Icon: Emmanuelle Alt}

08/03/2012 § 12 Comments

Keep Anna Dello Russo and her fruit fixation, I much prefer the style of Vogue Paris editor-in-chief Emmanuelle Alt.  Mme. Alt and I have much in common: we both tend toward a slightly androgynous look, we both enjoy a smart jacket (and even more so if it has a military feel to it), we’re both near six feet tall and not afraid of a good high heel, we both employ the bro-tuck liberally, we both prefer unfussy hair.  Obviously, we should be best friends.  Obviously.

I can’t tell you how miffed I get when I see comments on pictures of her declaring her boring, or that it is nonsensical she is at the helm at Vogue Paris, because to me, Alt is the essence of Parisienne chic.  Alt knows what she feels she looks best in and has formulated a bit of a uniform around that.  She won’t try out trends simply because they are new, or seek attention by being outrageous.  Alt is style, whereas Dello Russo is fashion.

As I become more comfortable in my own style, I find myself slipping into a uniform of my own, and I’m okay with that.  While it may not be as Balmain-heavy as Mme. Alt’s, I’ve identified shapes I feel most comfortable in and am continually on the lookout for designers that hit my sweet spot, just as she has.  I no longer feel compelled to wear “the new black” or jump on “of the moment” bandwagons because these trends don’t usually represent my personal style.  Increasingly, I find I’d rather invest in pieces that I know I will love now, and years from now — not things I will want to toss out in a season or two.

How do you approach your own style? 
Do you enjoy following the trends? 
Do you have a uniform?

J’adore the Vogue Paris ladies, all wearing the Alt uniform.

Images via Streetfsn, Grazia.it, Vogue Paris and Stockholm Streetstyle.

Try on Mme. Alt’s uniform for size:

Balmain satin-trimmed wool-crepe jacket
Similar High Street alternative here (Asos)

Balmain stretch-leather skinny pants
Similar High Street alternative here (Zara)

T by Alexander Wang classic muscle T-shirt
Similar High Street alternative here (Zara)

Isabel Marant Zoro leather belt
Similar High Street alternative here (Urban Outfitters)

Jimmy Choo Abel pointed patent-leather pumps
Similar High Street alternative here (Nine West)

I’ve just got one question though:
How does she never have a purse?

Feminity: Chanel Haute Couture S/S 2011

25/01/2011 § 1 Comment

Lagerfeld presents a collection that is refined, yet relaxed; mature, yet girlish; grounded, yet airy; tailored, yet fluid.  As always, Lagerfeld creates a completely modern statement that embodies the spirit of Mademoiselle Chanel.
Some of my favorite looks from the show:
Simply adore the tailored pant paired with pointy flats!

Adore this!

Whispers of the ballet…

Effortless and modern.
Could you not see yourself in this, going to (a very fabulous) brunch?
Images via Vogue Paris

For complete coverage, head over to Vogue Paris.  Warning: you will be stuck for endless hours admiring the couture confections.  J’adore!

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