Real Property Lust: Ledgemere

12/08/2011 § 5 Comments

I’ve always wanted a house with its own name.

This gorgeous waterfront home in West Bath, Maine is called Ledgemere.

In. Love.

Mint juleps and mosquito bites.  Playing gin on the porch in the moonlight….

Soft music.  Slow dances.  Laughter.  Kisses.

Sunburnt nose, sandy toes.

Swimming like a fish.

Steaming cups of coffee at dawn.

Can you not picture spending every last possible moment of summer at Ledgemere?  Would you not be counting down the minutes until you could leave the city and sit on her beautiful porch, taking in all that Maine has to offer?  Would you not try to figure out a way so that you never had to leave between Memorial Day and Labor Day?  Would you not also come when the weather got colder, so you could see her in her barren splendor?

Nope.  I’d do all of that.

While in my heart of hearts I know that Ledgemere is meant to be mine, I will wish well whoever actually does pick up this gorgeous property.  It is currently for sale.  If you happen to buy it, you will let me visit, yes?

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