Gratitude to Spare

15/07/2010 § Leave a comment

Recently, I started writing gratitude lists.  It’s a wonderful exercise to think about the things or people we are grateful for.  To focus on the things we have, instead of the things we want or things we feel we are owed.  Like many people, I frequently find I am far too wrapped up in my day-to-day dramas to notice, let alone express, my appreciation — just “too busy” to give thanks.  Total nonsense!  Side benefit:  by focusing on the positive aspects of my life, I always lift my own spirit with hardly any effort.  Give it a try and see how you feel afterward.

While it may seem hokey at first, try quickly writing down 10 things that you are grateful for.  Don’t belabor the process.  They can be whatever you want, there are no wrong answers.  If you are grateful for portabella mushrooms and your orange sunglasses, they go on the list!  After you have your list, take a moment to concentrate on that feeling of gratitude, and then put the list away — you’re done.  Try to write a new list the next day.  Try to write one everyday…

On thxthxthx Leah Dieterich gives thanks daily in the form of clever, hand-written thank you notes.  If you’re looking for inspiration for your own list, head over to her site here.

Here’s a quick list of mine.

I’m grateful…

  1. that my nieces still think I’m cool.
  2. for mangoes…
  3. and the fruit truck man on my way to work who sells mangoes.
  4. for abundant creative inspiration.
  5. for my parents.
  6. for sangria.
  7. for red toenails.
  8. for yoga — even if I am not very good at it.
  9. for trips to the beach.
  10. for summer.

I would love to hear yours.


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